You may be presented with many situations where you are expected to own a word processing, spreadsheet, database, or presentation software program, but you don’t. Well, here are two pieces of great news. First, you are going to gain access to 100% free office suites below, and second, we value your time so we’re going to simply give you the listing of the best free office suites without delay.

How to Get Microsoft Office For Free

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite in the world and is considered a necessary requirement for businesses. The problem for individuals and small businesses is that there are fees or purchase costs associated with owning the 365 or various other versions. Fortunately, all you need is a free Microsoft account and you will then have three different ways to get Microsoft Office for free.

3 Ways to Get Microsoft Office For Free Right Now!

Once you have your free Microsoft account, here are the three ways to get Microsoft Office for FREE...

  1. Use the Google Chrome Extension for Microsoft Office
  2. Use Office Online at
  3. For Windows 10 users, there is a third way to get Microsoft Office for free and that is to get it via the Microsoft App Store

Video: How to Get Microsoft Office for Free

Watch this brief video for instructions on how to get Microsoft Office for free. When finished, click on one of the links above or click the button below to access Microsoft Office Online.

How to Get Google Docs For Free

Google Docs is the second most popular office suite and it too is absolutely free to use. All you need is a free Google account and you are all set. Let’s take a look at a brief video introduction on how to use Google Docs and even enjoy some advanced tips. When finished, click on the button below to get started if you choose to use Google Docs as your free office suite.

How to Get Libre Office For Free

While there are other free office programs available, we’ll finish with the third of the big three free office suites and that is Libre Office. Unlike Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs that are both completely online and require no software downloads, Libre Office is a freeware software package that you will need to download to your hard drive to use.  Watch this brief video introduction and then click the button below to go to the Libre Office website where you can download your free software.

There you have it. You now have access to the top 3 free office suites. As you can see, all are fully featured and come packed with many benefits that you find very beneficial. We suggest that you choose one as your main office suite and become very proficient in using it. You always have access to the others should the need arise. We hope you found this information valuable and that you’ll share this page with others.

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