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Let’s Work Together to Make the Positive Changes We All Seek!

We all feel called to pursue our purpose for living and to make positive changes in our families, our communities, our nation, and the world. Unfortunately, in the past, we lacked the resources and connections needed to fulfill our calling. This caused procrastination and allowing many years to go by without taking action on our dreams, goals and desires. And for those that did take action, many times lack of organization and funding caused issues; fortunately, you now have access to a world-class solution that can work for everyone and you will get it 100% FREE!

“Our Mission is to Help You to Be Your Best!”

Limited Time Offer: Free Life-Changing Benefit Package

If you take action now, you will gain lifetime access to a FREE BENEFIT PACKAGE valued at over $5,000 complete with a vast array of free tools, resources, proprietary strategies, and software delivered to your inbox monthly to help organize, grow, and fund your faith-based, charitable, personal, professional, or business endeavor, or any other type of cause or advocacy that you feel driven to undertake. Let’s take a quick look at the fantastic benefits in which you are about to receive. This truly is 100% free and you’ll absolutely love it!

“We Show You How to Have a Powerful Online Presence!”

Free Productivity, Monetization, and Syndication Benefits

It’s time to break free from delays, procrastination, and information overload so you can get to work on your mission and vision immediately! You now have access to a completely free set of productivity, monetization (funding), content curation and creation, content distribution and syndication, and time-saving tools. So, no matter what higher calling you are destined to pursue, you have this free benefit package available to you right now that can help you to achieve your goals. Let’s take a look at your free “monetization” benefits first, then keep reading this vitally important message to the end for the complete details on your other exciting free benefits.

“You'll Love Your New Tool Chest Filled With High Impact Resources!”

Helping You to Be Successful Online

No matter your current experience level, we want you to have a vibrant internet presence and to be successful with your online endeavors. We believe everyone has talents, skills, abilities, and experiences that can be important to others when disseminated in video, image, audio, written, or another digital format. You may have entrepreneurial future aspirations or current endeavors and just need a proven system to get you started on the right track or a boost of traffic to your existing online offers to achieve your business objectives.

“Get Ready for New Doors of Opportunity to Open for You!”

Free Tools That You’ll Love and Use Every Day

Whether growing a niche following of hundreds of supporters, or growing a mega fan-base or customer-base of thousands or even millions, it is important for you to share your knowledge, talent, products and/or services with the world. We provide a full portfolio of free platforms for blogging, writing, video distribution, photography, etc., so we give you every reason to say “YES” to starting your online success journey now!

“Free Monetization for Everyone!”

Revolutionary Free Monetization System to Fund Your Efforts

If you plan to have or already have an “online presence” of any kind, you can now supplement your advertiser, sponsorship, donation, personal income, business income, or other type of funding plan by building a complete financial ecosystem around your endeavors. This 100% FREE system is designed to help create monthly residual funding for…

  • Staff, Leadership, Headquarters, and Office Space
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Travel and Lodging
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Legal and Accounting Professionals
  • Loyalty Reward System for Your Supporters
  • All of Your Expansion and Growth Goals

“Get Ready for Your Breakthrough!”

Proven Funding Model Given to All Members for Free

Proven Model: Many popular TV, print, radio, and video personalities, news outlets, advocacy groups, and other types of content creators and worthy causes already use this “proven model” by offering products and services to their fans and followers. These individuals or entities continuously encourage their supporters to help fund their operations by simply purchasing products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, nutritional products, consumer goods, and other types of items from their “online stores”. Supporters are eager to help and enjoy getting a physical or digital product in return rather than being asked to donate money.


Everyone Needs This Type of Common-Sense Funding. Some that use this type of funding method earn millions and are able to run incredible multi-faceted operations from the monthly revenues earned via this proven funding model. So, doesn’t it make sense to make this “proven model” available to everyone?


The Problem: The problem for the rest of us is that this type of funding plan is difficult to set up and requires extensive help and coordination from professionals in the following areas: legal, CPA, marketing, website, e-commerce, shopping cart, credit card merchant services, PayPal Business Services, banking, liability insurance, sales tax software, component or ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and handling, and much more; additionally, warehousing facilities, equipment and workers, office staff, etc., are required. At a minimum, a funding mechanism like this would cost tens of thousands of dollars to setup and thousands monthly to maintain, so this type of funding plan has been out of reach for the vast majority of us in the past.


The “Third Party” Problem: Some creators “partner” with and promote the products and/or services of a third party “Sponsor” to their audiences. The good thing is that these third-party sponsors normally handle all of the administrative and logistical operations in exchange for small commissions per sale made or a flat marketing fee. The problem for talented individuals that use this route is that they are required to “give away” their fan-base to another business entity. They lose control of their hard-earned supporters and fans.


Our Solution: Now you can get a complete monetization system 100% FREE! We give you the solution where all of these “problems” are transformed into exciting “benefits” that you can enjoy right now for free because everything is already taken care of for you when you secure your monetization accounts and your free benefit package filled with the resources you need to be successful. Just say “YES” to your own FREE (BVS) 10X Monetization System NOW!

“Enjoy the Exciting Benefits of “Social Commerce” NOW!”

Transition to Free “Rewarded” Commerce

All of us, including you and your followers, simply transition from purchasing our daily needs via our current “unrewarded” methods to now enjoying exciting free rewards like cash back, deep discounts off of retail, and most excitingly, the potential to earn monthly residual revenue sharing for buying the same or similar things from the same or similar stores in which we all already shop, and then sharing these exciting benefits with others.


Passive Funding of Many Worthy Causes: Every purchase you make from these free portals will help to support the person or entity that invited you here. You will also fund your own personal or professional endeavors in this same way. Keep reading to the end to learn how we build communities of world-changers that use these revenues to fund and support many worthy causes with each purchase. Now, your favorite charity or other worthy cause will be included and can enjoy funding from hundreds and even thousands of purchases every month.

“Why Not You?”

Companies Already Pay Commissions for Every Item Sold

Don’t worry, there are plenty of revenues to be shared by all because all companies in your free monetization accounts listed further below already have “marketing” plans called “Affiliate Programs” that pay a specific percentage for every item sold to the individuals that refer others to their offerings; consequently, our system is designed to take advantage of the natural “referring inclination” and the desire to give good things to others that we all have.

“Using Social Commerce for Social Good”

Perpetual Funding of Many Worthy Causes

As you will learn in our Global Philanthropy Section further below, a portion of all purchases that flow through our free monetization portals will help fund many worthy causes that help people in need. So, those marketing revenues already provided by virtually every serious company that does business online are distributed in an exciting and fair manner whenever someone purchases anything from our Free BVS 10X Monetization Portals. Get ready to…

“Join – Shop – Save – Share – Earn – Give – Grow”

Get Paid to Give Away Free Benefit Packages!

Yes, you heard that right! Every serious company that does business online, including all of your favorite stores, pay a commission to someone when a sale is made. In the past a select few received these commissions and became very wealthy. We simply harness these commissions and distribute them to you and our social commerce community when purchases are made through our monetization portal partners detailed further below. Simply keep giving away free benefit packages as detailed herein in order to grow your own community.

“Earn From Dollar Stores to Premium Retailers”

Toilet Paper to Travel and Everything in Between Social Shopping Social Commerce

So now, when our members purchase their daily needs to include toiletries, food, nutritional products, clothing, furniture, appliances, jewelry, home and yard items, hotels and travel, education, business needs, and everything in between, profits are shared with our community of world-changers and also with many worthy causes that help people in need. This BVS 10X Monetization System is only one of the many incredible free benefits that you are about to receive. Get ready to enjoy the most exciting bundle of perks that is designed to take your personal and professional endeavors to the highest levels.

“This Entire Benefit Package is 100% FREE!”

Free Benefit Packages Given to Everyone!

Everyone you invite by giving away Free BVS 10X Benefit Packages will receive their own free accounts and personalized referral links that will provide incredible benefits for them like cash back from their favorite department and retail stores and deep discounts from exciting specialty stores. As everyone gives away Free BVS 10X Benefit Packages via the simple copy-and-paste instructions given in this message, every purchase made within your Social Commerce Community will provide exciting personal benefits to every member and also financially support to your endeavors and many worthy causes.

“No More Going It Alone!”

Build a Strong “Partner” - “Customer” Base

If you have or would like to have an online presence that provides value to others such as informative blogs, videos, news sites, etc., we would like you to have the funding you need to make your service world-class. Some of your fans, friends, and followers will want to support your endeavors as a “Customer” by purchasing the top quality products and services from your referral links provided by our free monetization portals, and others will want to “Partner” with you in building a Social Commerce Advocacy Community to help grow your operations and their own endeavors to the highest levels. Your supporters and close contacts want to help you and now you give them two choices of becoming a customer or partner and either way they receive exciting free benefits as they purchase their daily needs from their free monetization portals.

“The Ultimate Loyalty Program!”

Reward Your Followers for Referring Others to Your Content

Everyone with an online presence asks their followers to share their content or website with others, but now your fans can be rewarded for doing so. The way we set up our Automated BVS 10X System, you can essentially have a well-funded “salesforce-like” community that simply gives away free benefit packages to everyone they know and this, in turn, helps grow your own endeavors. You never have to track anything, manage production facilities, manage shipping or handling, or sign paychecks, but still, your awesome “salesforce” of independent referral associates will use our free system to eagerly give away free benefit packages, which in turn will help you grow your online operations, and they, in turn, do the same to grow right along with you.

“Become Independent from Social Networks!”

Learn How to Get it For Free

While others are paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly for inferior products that offer fewer features, you will learn how to get this robust communication and marketing system for free indefinitely. Then, in your videos, blogs, articles, and other means of communicating with your supporters, openly ask them to complete your online subscription form to learn how they can partner with you in a sort of “Person-to-Person Joint Venture” to help you grow while providing each of your subscribers a magnificent free benefit package valued at over $5,000. You will be given instructions on how to copy and paste your personalized “Free Benefit Package Giveaway” message to use as your first email in your follow-up sequence to your email list subscribers.

Grow a Motivated Subscriber-Base

After they say “YES” to your invitation to subscribe to your email list, your subscribers will automatically be sent your intro email that provides the details of their free benefit package and most importantly your message will contain your personalized monetization referral links. Keep reading and toward the end of this page you will discover the tools that you’ll receive via this total “communications system” to grow an email listing of excited fans that are eager to partner with you and support your future endeavors.

Invite Your Favorite Talents, Personalities, and Worthy Causes

Once you have your free BVS 10X Monetization System accounts you can use the copy-and-paste instructions detailed herein to invite anyone or any entity that you wish to receive the exciting benefits offered in this fully automated fundraising and income-producing system. Feel free to invite your place of worship, social media followers, creative personalities, blogger or news entity, advocacy groups, worthy causes, family, friends, and colleagues, and they too can enjoy this unique and free monetization system. Keep reading to learn about how this program funds the “Ripple Effect of Giving” and our “Global Philanthropy Initiative” where many people in need are benefited by every single purchase that flows through these exciting monetization portals.

Building a Social Commerce Community of “Givers”

Your invitees that accept your offer of a free benefit package will support yours and their own endeavors, and this will continue for many subsequent generations of free benefit package recipients. This can result in a well-structured, strong, and vibrant commerce and information-sharing network. All along the way, fans and supporters will be using the products and services in our monetization portals in order to support their favorite content creators, news and advocacy groups, and other creative talents. All members are encouraged to optionally donate 10% of their earnings from these monetization portals to worthy causes that help people in need. This incredible free system offers a plethora of “must-have” benefits that feeds into our Ripple Effect of Giving Program detailed further below.

Funding and Growth for Alternative Career Growth Tracks

In addition to supporting many worthy causes and helping organizations maximize efficiencies and productivity, the Free Benefit Package also provides alternative career growth tracks for individuals in all industries. No longer will talented people be confined to industry-specific self-imposed constraints. Everyone can build well-structured and well-funded networks of “Alternative Growth Opportunity” tracks within any career field or industry type. These “Occupation-Based” networks allow individuals in various careers to succeed outside of the self-imposed restrictions put in place by a particular industry. No more will the select few “Make It Big” within their industry while the other talented individuals struggle and possibly never receive proper exposure or success. Everyone simply joins and takes part, so there is no being left out.

Alone We Can Do Little - Together We Can Achieve Anything!”

Monetization Portals Compensation Illustration Video

Watch the video below for illustrations describing how the compensation model-types work that you have in your portfolio of monetization portals.

“Enjoy Revolutionary Monetization Plans - NOW!”

Organized and Mutually Supportive Occupation Groups

Imagine millions of individuals in every occupation category that are currently disorganized and ineffective at influencing the direction of their career fields now unifying and creating well-organized information dissemination and economic ecosystems where all members enjoy free benefit packages that give everyone within their occupation the ability to grow and prosper independent of big business and institutional influence. You can enjoy this free “Ecosystem” now!


Here Is A Short Listing Of Potential “Occupation Specific” Networks That Can Quickly Be Built Using This 10X System: Faith-Based Lay and Ordained Ministries, Independent News Networks, Bloggers, Writers, Photographers, Videographers, Vloggers, Artists, Bands, Musicians, Singers, Actors, Computer Programmers, Free Software and Free App Developers, Scientists, Holistic Medicine Researchers and Practitioners, Military, First Responders, Veterans, Veteran Support Networks, Sales Professionals, Food and Retail Workers, Entrepreneurs, Work at Home, Home Schoolers, Stay-at-Home Parents, Hobbyists, Crafters, DIYers, and any other type of career or vocation. Simply use this easy 10X System to give away these incredible life-changing free benefit packages to colleagues in your career field or contemporaries in your vocation. It will quickly go viral!

“Unite With Positive Influencers Within Your Industry!”

How Networks are Used by the Successful vs. Others

Every successful person in the world has mastered the “power of networking” to excel in life and in business. Successful families pass this knowledge down to their heirs resulting quite often in long genealogies of successful individuals. On the other hand, the majority of the population is trained by institutional messaging to use their networks for play and entertainment. We simply provide the “secrets” of the successful families and individuals to all of our members for free.

Discover Your Innate Power

In addition to your incredible monetization benefits, you will receive our new Free 12 Month Success Course that covers all areas of importance to enhance the personal and professional aspects of your life. Of those many “areas of importance” is discovering that together, as “consumers” and “information” disseminators, we have tremendous power. But, until now, major institutions controlled us with fine-tuned accuracy and thus intentionally constrained the innate power that we all possess. They controlled our consumer and lifestyle habits with highly-coordinated indoctrinating-type psychological advertising and institutionalized messaging. They controlled all online and offline information dissemination sources to reinforce how they wanted us to think and act.

Break Free from Institutionalized Constraints

Now, as unified groups, we can reclaim our power and control as “commerce” and “information” creators and disseminators. It’s time to inform everyone and for us all to break free from these “institutionalized” constraints that hold the majority of the population back from realizing their full potential! Your free subscription provides a full tool chest of resources to help you and any group to take back control now!

Become a Freedom Advocate

Now you fully understand your free “Monetization” benefits, so let’s move on to some of the other features of the free benefit package that you are about to receive. You will absolutely love being a “Freedom Advocate” so you too can help others to break free from institutionalized and societal constraints.

Free Speech and Freedom of Information!

In an era where information that is distributed to the masses is manipulated and funneled through only a few major news conglomerates and tech giants, our objective is to ensure everyone enjoys free speech rights and a means to distribute their unique content to ever-growing audiences. It’s time to reclaim your Free Speech Rights and enjoy our “Freedom of Information System” NOW!

“Content Distributors” and “Distribution Leaders”

You may not be a content creator yourself, but you want to ensure the widest distribution of the true news, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, or other types of content that your favorite personalities produce. We also teach everyone with a “pent-up calling” that has not yet been acted upon to not only take action, but we additionally provide the tools and guidance to go live now! We show you how you can become a “Content Distributor” or even a “Distribution Leader” to help distribute your favorite content on both traditional social networks and the new and innovative free social sharing platforms. Keep reading to discern what role you’d like to take in our new information dissemination marketplace.

Content Creators: Learn How to Mass-Syndicate Your Content

If you are a content creator or information publisher of any kind, our Automated 10X System is designed to help you to build a self-supported content syndication network where “Information Distribution Leaders” are rewarded for sharing your content on other social platforms where you currently have little or no presence. Your top fans and supporters can now become partners in your success by being distributors of your content to new markets and thus expanding your reach to new audiences and providing additional outlets to get your content out to your current fans and followers.

New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) System

This has the potential to drastically increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the content created by our members. But we also show you how to use our new content distribution system that bypasses search engines so you can enjoy unfettered distribution of your published content regardless of how search engine algorithms are programmed. Imagine niche markets and new micro-social networks being saturated with your content. Doing this on your own would be impossible, but we show you how to use our system to build well-organized and well-funded teams to take control of the content distribution of your content on the most exciting new platforms that are destined to rival and possibly even surpass the old social networks that have lost the trust of millions.

Marketplace Saturation Content Distribution Model

Together we will grow these new and exciting social networks to compete against and eventually replace large segments of the old social networks that have been exposed for using “questionable” practices that disrespect the trust and privacy of their users. A complete listing of these new high impact social networks is provided to every subscriber in our Free 12 Month Success Course detailed further below. You’ll learn how to get your content mass distributed and syndicated into these new social networks and niche social sharing sites with no work on your part. Experience massive redundancy by using our “Marketplace Saturation Content Distribution Model” to ensure that your content cannot be eliminated or restricted by one major social network or search engine targeting your content for censorship or shadow-banning.

Brainwashed to Make Billionaires Richer

We all hear that the “rich keep getting richer” while the rest of us don’t. Well, experts now reveal that carefully coordinated institutionalized messaging brainwashes the masses to make billionaires richer while the vast majority of the population are trained and educated to remain “in their class”. This informal “caste system” maintains the status quo, but more and more people are waking up every day and escaping this societal mind trap.


Keep Working for Free to Make Billionaires Richer: Yet, we are still told to do our part by referring others to companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc., and these multi-billion-dollar entities grew and continue to grow to outrageous proportions while WE RECEIVE NOTHING for being their super-star referral agents that work for FREE. We referred others to these gargantuan companies and then our referrals referred others, and this continued on and on; these global giants continue to take advantage of us in many different ways, yet we still unwittingly allow ourselves to be their FREE salesforce.


Trained to Give Away our Referrals for Free Through institutional messaging and well-placed search engine results we were trained to give away our referrals for free. Outrageously, we were made to feel “guilty” if we earned something for our referrals. You’ll notice an unlimited number of articles on the internet degrading any type of paid referral system as a “scam” and it is implied that we all should just continue to give away our referrals for free to make the wealthy even wealthier.

Government Messaging of “Shame” for Compensated Referrals

Even the government is involved in this brainwashing scheme that insinuates “you should be ashamed and made to feel guilty for earning a proper reward for referring others to good deals”. For example, regulators FORCE bloggers and website owners to WARN visitors to their web pages that they would earn money if a site visitor purchases recommended items in which they link to in their blog or article.


Ok to Refer for Free to Enrich Billionaires: BUT it is 100% OK with the regulators and no silly WARNING is needed if that same blogger or website owner provides links for people to make purchases on billionaire-owned websites like Amazon, department stores, etc., WITHOUT getting compensated. Again, this is just one example of the institutionalized messaging that tells everyone to make billionaires richer, but you MUST feel ASHAMED and WARN everyone if you would get compensated for making a referral.


Cannot Indicate Worthy Causes You Support: Another example of “institutionalized messaging” is the threat to defund individuals and entities if they indicate that purchases from their websites would help to benefit the worthy causes they support. For example, the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement imposes and Amazon aggressively enforces the following restrictions on their Associates, “You will not offer any consideration…or incentive…including… donation to charity…”.


They Can - But You Can’t: Many other Affiliate Program Management companies have similar restrictions. However, their own sites are filled with “incentive triggers” to entice visitors to make purchases in order to help them donate to charities. For example, has a “smiles” campaign where a portion of all purchases are donated to charity. So, THEY can show their support for charities but YOU can’t ask your visitors to help support your worthy causes by purchasing things from your site?

We Empower You

First of all, we empower you to proudly indicate that you are building something bigger than yourself and that you want people to join you to also build and grow their own calling to do something meaningful for a greater purpose. Secondly, we also empower you to proudly state what worthy causes you are supporting with either your volunteerism, advocacy, activism, and especially the funding you receive from your Free BVS 10X Monetization Portals. Everyone is proud to receive compensation for referring others by giving away free benefit packages because we all do so many great and noble things with the revenues earned.

Join the “Informed” Community

Keep reading and further below you’ll realize that a chosen few were paid handsomely for their referrals while the vast majority got absolutely no financial reward at all as we all helped build mega billion-dollar enterprises. You will also learn how we ARE now the leading-edge of the new paradigm shift that is changing the future for millions; but first, let’s acknowledge what is now being revealed, and that is, these corporate goliaths started to believe that they owned us and could do anything to us without repercussion. You are invited to join the “INFORMED” community and become a catalyst for positive change.

“Together We are Reversing Harmful Societal Problems!”

Big Tech Knowingly Caused Us Harm

We learned that “Big Tech” giants gather every bit of personal information about us and sell it for massive profits. Even worse, we learned that the company founders admitted to intentionally creating “psychologically addictive” digital platforms knowing terrible things would happen to their members after “hooking” everyone on their products. Depression, horrible feelings of wasting massive amounts of time daily, tremendous loss of work productivity, crippling social media and online gaming addictions, and many other “negative societal behaviors” are now afflicting millions upon millions worldwide. Essentially, these Silicon Valley billionaires admitted to using us, abusing us, and harming us just to make their billions.

They Block Full Distribution of Online Content

The old social networks and search engines were exposed for suppressing and limiting the distribution of the content of some of the most popular content creators on the internet. By excruciating hard work, sacrifice, expense, and tremendous effort, these creative talents grew their followers, fans, and groups to tremendous proportions, but eventually “Big Tech” giants “secretly suppressed” distribution of their content within various “popular” social networks to a small fraction of their followers. Others had their accounts terminated.

Search Engines “Choose” What We See

Search engines likewise were exposed for covertly limiting visibility of certain content and removing access to others altogether. All this is done without notifying content creators and “searchers” and even “secretly plotting” to intentionally suppress the content of targeted users or user types. This has gotten so bad that many individuals use the court system to attempt to rectify this situation and governments across the globe have and still are creating laws to address this problem. So, it is clear that “Big Search” plays a massive role in this “institutionalized thought control” conundrum.  Thankfully, to your great benefit, we introduce you to the next generation of new media sources in many different genres that proudly proclaim to be freedom of speech platforms.

“We Give Everyone the Ability to Benefit from Their Online Endeavors!”

Thwart Demonetization and Lack of Revenues

Monetization is the process of acquiring funding for any type of operation typically by means of advertising revenues, company or product sponsorships, or other types of “third-party” revenue sharing agreements where a content creator earns a portion of profits from their “referrals” that result in the sale of products and/or services.

Problem with Current Monetization Systems

Here is an example of the commonly known problem with the current monetization marketplace, many video creators relied solely on YouTube’s monetization platform and when YouTube changed their policies many thousands of “YouTubers” lost their income. The old “don’t place all your eggs in one basket” adage came true and quite often still comes true when diversification of income sources is not adhered to. Consequently, we solve both the lack of diversification and also demonetization problems for virtually all of our members by providing everyone a “fully diversified portfolio” of the best of the best monetization resources.

“We Help Thwart Big Tech Restrictions and Censorship!”

End Fear of Demonetization, Shadow-Banning, and Censorship

Stop worrying about you, your group, or individual group members being demonetized, shadow-banned, censored, or in any way restricted by social networks and/or search engines; and instead, learn how to implement easy redundancy strategies that keep your and your group’s activities alive and strong at all times. Quit playing by “their” rules and learn how to create your own rules that help thwart any attempt to restrict information creation and dissemination. The team is dedicated to giving our members total freedom to achieve major objectives via our revolutionary 10X Automated Monetization System, and for a limited time we are giving it all away for free so everyone that takes advantage of this “gift” can enjoy these incredible life-changing benefits.

“We Help You Realize Your True Value in the Marketplace!”

Change from Being “Used” to Being “Rewarded”

Unlike the old monetization systems of the past where Social Networks, TV, Radio, and Print outlets “used” consumers solely for their own benefit, the BVS 10X Monetization System these same content creation entities to offer their audiences a magnificent diversified benefit package consisting of cash back, deep discounts off of retail, and even monthly residual “Social Revenue-Sharing” income potential, all for FREE!

“Don’t Allow Big Tech to Control You!”

New Restrictions Force Content Creators to Beg for Donations

In the past, asking for donations was reserved for church, charity, and other tax-exempt entities. Now, due to so many new restrictions in the advertising and sponsorship marketplaces, every kind of content creators such as bloggers, news entities, video producers, photographers, app and software developers, and creative talents of all types feel forced to beg for donations to help fund their operations.

STOP Donation Overload

This causes the new phenomenon known as donation overload. The audiences of “demonetized” content creators are subjected to constant requests to donate to support their favorite creative talents, BUT the audiences of the “monetized” content creators never have to experience these uncomfortable requests for donations. The monetized content creators grow wealthy while the demonetized talents are forced to beg for donations. This is UNFAIR, so we solve this problem for all of our members!

“Use Our Free Systems Approach to Growing Online!”

A Few Made Millions – Most Made Zero

It is time to re-educate everyone to understand the power of our connections, information dissemination capabilities, and our referrals. Sadly, 99% of us STILL give our referrals and the power of our network connections away for free, thus making billionaires richer while we receive nothing for doing so.  A select few began realizing this unjust problem several decades ago so many educated themselves on this important matter and became expert referral agents. Some earned tens of thousands and even millions of dollars while the 99% of us kept giving away our power for free. These referral agents are called “Affiliates”, “IBOs”, “Associates”, “Distributors”, and other “legal-type” names, but all are essentially “paid” referral partners of the companies they represent.

“Use Our Free Systems Approach to Growing Online!”

Content Marketing Explained

The referral agents then use their own blogs, articles, videos, newscasts, social networks, and other means of “content marketing” to refer their audiences and followers to their benefactor’s products and services for purchase via unique referral web addresses. Referral agents are compensated either by a flat rate dollar amount, a commission in the form of a percentage of the purchase price, or a few cents per view or click of the advertising materials provided by the sponsoring company.

The New “Financially Rewarded” Referral Economy

We simply make this professional “Referral-Partner” arrangement available to ALL of our members so everyone can finally benefit from referring others to great deals rather than giving our referrals away for free just to make the mega-wealthy even wealthier. Now, with only a few free portals, you can gain access to an entire marketplace of hundreds of thousands of products and services offered by top online retailers. Everyone can purchase their daily needs and you have the potential to enjoy the benefits of monthly residual social revenue sharing on multiple “generations” of hundreds and even thousands of purchases.

“We Put the “Best of the Best” into Our New Success System!”

The Failed Monetization Alternatives – Zero Vesting

The antiquated ways to monetize blogs, videos, newscasts, podcasts, etc., require constant “peddling” of advertiser or company-sponsored products and services to their audiences. Content Publishers are forced to direct their audiences to their advertisers’ websites or toll-free numbers to complete sales. There is no vesting of the content creator to the advertiser or sponsor; consequently, the content creators are “used” to gain new customers and then there is no residual income when future purchases are made by their audience members and followers.

Amazon – Google AdSense – Traditional Affiliate Marketing

All of the old popular Affiliate and advertising revenue behemoths like Amazon, Google AdSense, and the major “Affiliate Marketing Managers” utilize this outdated sales strategy where they “USE” their publisher partners to gain new customers or new sales but fail to pay on subsequent sales. Content creators are FORCED to continually promote advertiser products and services or else their income will eventually dry up.

Old Affiliate Program Gimmicks

Many old affiliate programs like Amazon and others only have a 1-day cookie meaning if the person that clicks on an affiliate’s referral link doesn’t purchase within 24 hours the affiliate receives nothing. Other affiliate programs prominently place a toll-free number on their affiliate’s referral pages and encourage visitors to call to place an order, and thus the affiliate receives no commission for bringing the company a new customer.

Inactivity Penalty – Total Demonetization

Another problem with some old affiliate programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, and others is their 6-month inactivity deactivation policy. So, if a content creator joins their programs, then diligently works on their website containing affiliate offers but takes over 180 days for their grand opening of their new site or retooling of an existing site without making a referral sale, all of the affiliate links on their sites no longer provide referral commissions to the affiliate. Many more gimmicks, gotchas, and obstructions are common in the old affiliate marketplace.

Never Again “Give” Your Fanbase Away to Another Company

Why would anyone “GIVE AWAY” their hard-earned “audience” of readers, viewers, listeners, followers, etc., to become lifetime customers of someone else’s company? We stop this! Now you can “give once and earn monthly” as you “partner” with your followers and/or fanbase by giving them a free benefit package that they will love; consequently, you have the potential to receive monthly residual income as your supporters purchase their daily needs. Your followers love the fact that they can support your endeavors simply by switching to a smarter way to purchase because they are rewarded when they purchase the things they need anyway.

Still Widely Used by Content Creators

Shockingly, 99% of content creators and affiliate marketers STILL use the old funding methods and risk a financial downfall if structural, legal, terms and conditions, or other types of potentially negative changes occur with their chosen affiliate management companies. A select few do well with these old affiliate programs, but the vast majority can’t get it to work as a sustainable income stream to support their online operations.

Total Monetization Freedom System

The good news is that our free 12 Month Success Course teaches you that you can still use these old affiliate programs as a “supplement” to our far more effective BVS 10X Monetization System. And you will learn the proper way to use all of these monetization resources in a synergistic manner to help maximize your endeavors.

Never Pay a Start-up Fee

No one wants to pay “Start-up Fees” just to have the “privilege” of buying or referring other people to anther company’s products or services. Everyone sees this as “gimmicky” and thus a “turn off” to 99% of the population. Start-up fees of any kind, or requirements to purchase goofy “start-up kits” just to become a “referral partner” represent a “barrier to entry” for the vast majority of people and thus destroy any viral growth potential. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with startup fees of any kind because all of your monetization portals provide free accounts.

Illustration: Monetization Efficiencies

Typically, an entrepreneur or content creator diligently works excruciatingly long hours daily to build an audience and then hopes and prays that their use of old monetization methods will produce the income needed to continue their online endeavors. Let’s say that it takes a content creator two years to acquire 100 purchases from their marketing endeavors, and each purchase averages only $5 one-time income, many individuals will feel that it is not worth their time to continue and they quit. We solve these problems with our revolutionary free “Leveraged and Vested Monetization System”. Let’s see how.

The Best of the Best Free Monetization Portals

We carefully hand-picked our monetization partners based on many factors like irresistible free benefits, high demand product offering, top quality products and services, cash back or deep discounts, high-compensation residual revenue sharing plans, and more. Since all are 100% free to join there are zero barriers to entry, so members have every reason to say “YES” to securing their free accounts immediately and then continually using their new portals for everyday purchases.

“Vesting Has Faded Away but We Bring It Back as a Benefit for All!”

Your New “Immediate Vesting” Monetization Platforms

Our monetization partners listed on your invitation message provided to you by your Sponsor (also listed further below if you came to this page directly) all allow immediate vesting! This means that once you secure new Customers, Affiliates, Associates, IBOs, Distributors, or Partners according to each company’s terms and conditions, you will earn continued revenues whenever they purchase products or services indefinitely. This is all done via the free referral URLs given to each of our members by our “Social Commerce” monetization partners. Keep reading to learn how we all use these personalized referral web addresses in our introduction messages when giving away free benefit packages to others.

Discover Your True Value to Big Tech!”

You Already Use Referral URLs

Social Media Referral URLs

Everyone with a social network account already has a referral URL which is a unique web address tied to their social media account that usually contains their user name. Social networks give these to you for free so you can refer your friends and family to join also. They quite often even connect to your email accounts so you can send your referral web address to your email contacts. They have used us all as “free referral agents” to grow their multi-billion-dollar global corporations.

Examples of Social Network Referral URLs:

LinkedIn Example: “Levels” Within Your Business Network

LinkedIn is a free business social network that provides a great example of how referral networks grow and look. This business social network has hundreds of millions of members worldwide. LinkedIn even shows who is in your network by “level”. Your first-level connections are individuals you personally connected with and your second-level connections are the members of your business network that connect directly with your first level followers. Your third-level connections are first-level connections of members in the second level of your business network, and this goes on and on down many “levelsdeep into your business network.


Your LinkedIn Network Levels: If you have a LinkedIn account, you’ve probably noticed these 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc., “level designators” near the profile avatars of everyone in your LinkedIn business social network. This is a great example of how all of your social network accounts are already your “Personal Social Networks” or “Personal Social Communities” but what is not indicated is that each member in YOUR Social Community represents “commerce” or “money” to the billionaire social network owners and executives.

Big Tech Uses Your Networks to Make Billions!”

How Much Are You Worth to Big Tech?

Are search engines and social networks REALLY free to use? No, because every user is “worth” a certain dollar amount in advertising, sponsorship, and other types of revenues to the billionaire social network owners and executives. Their ability to potentially abuse your privacy and misuse your personal information makes you all that much more valuable to Big Tech billionaires; consequently, the “Social Commerce Communities” that you build by inviting others to join you on their social and purchasing networks and use their search engines are very valuable to these wealthy elites. According to Arkenea, here is what you are worth to the following Big Tech behemoths…


  • Google       $182 –  Social Network, Email, and Search Engine
  • Facebook $158 –  Social Network
  • Twitter      $81 –     Social Network
  • LinkedIn   $69 –     Business Social Network
  • Yahoo         $70 –    Social, Email, and Search
  • Amazon    $733 -   Social E-Commerce
  • Ebay            $474 -   Social Selling
  • Alibaba     $621 –  Chinese Social E-Commerce
  • Yelp             $25 -     Social Reviews
  • Groupon   $28 –    Social Discounts
  • Zynga         $28 -     Social Gaming

Social Commerce Brings Profit Sharing to Every Household!”

You Already Take Part in Social Commerce

So, as you can see, you already use “referral URLs” to grow your social network following and you already take part in “Social Commerce”; unfortunately, the revenues don’t go to you or the members in the social commerce communities that you build. No, the “revenues” go toward making Big Tech billionaires richer. So, it is a proven fact that using referral URLs to build social commerce communities is a perfect way to build tremendous residual income. We just give you the incredible solution that takes a large portion of the revenues away from the wealthy billionaires to enjoy for yourself and the other individuals in your social commerce community. We bring Social Commerce benefits to our members for free.

How Do We Know This Works?

Just look at the richest people in the world and you will see that many billionaires grew their wealth and enjoy massive residual income by using this proven model. They trained you and the rest of us to be their free referral agents. It’s time to use this same “Free Social Commerce Community” strategy to bring proven residual revenue sharing potential to you and all of our BVS 10X Members.

Illustration: The Solution Needed by Everyone Online

Getting back to the example above where YouTubers, bloggers, and others with an online presence typically struggle for years with little, and for the vast majority, no return on their large investment of time, talent, money and resources. You are now seeing the perfect solution to this problem of doing business online the old-fashioned way that forces you to do everything on your own and get paid low one-time commissions. Your new Free 10X System is designed to leverage your time by giving away free benefit packages that can result in residual monthly income with the potential of your social commerce community to continue to grow and grow.

Refer Once to Enjoy Residual Revenue Sharing

Simply give away our power-packed free benefit packages to your fans, followers, listeners, viewers, readers, acquaintances, industry associates, career colleagues, family and friends, and when they get their free accounts using your personal referral URLs provided by our monetization partners, your invitees will be tied to you for life. They will do the same and their invitees will be tied to them for life. This continues on an on. Soon you can have a vibrant Social Commerce Community built where everyone is interconnected and also dedicated to pursuing their own higher calling, getting well-funded for their cause or advocacy, using our easy automated system, and enjoying all of our exciting free benefits all along the way.

“Never Before Has So Much Value Been Given Away for Free!”

Free 12 Month Success Course

Ok, you are soon to get a revolutionary world-changing Free Benefit Package, but what do you do then? Thankfully, you’re NOT left hanging to figure things out on your own. No, you can get a free subscription to a Free 12 Month Success Course valued at over $5,000 where you are provided perfectly timed and balanced guidance to help you via a revolutionary “Virtual Success Coaching Platform”.

Finally Achieve Your Goals

You will learn advanced goal achievement techniques so you can finally “take action” on your calling and true purpose for living. Just one of the many examples of what you’ll discover is our simple step-by-step instructions that you can use to implement maximum productivity techniques so you can get the most done in the shortest period of time without procrastinating. Keep reading to the end and ensure to use the link further below to take advantage of this life-changing course by securing your free subscription today!

“Learn from the Best of the Best and All for Free!”

Expert Timed-Release Coaching

To ensure that you will not experience information overload, you will also enjoy perfectly timed-release of high impact content delivered directly to your inbox gleaned from the top experts on each subject; consequently, you’ll be able to implement each module in a well-organized manner that helps you to create synergies in all areas of your personal and professional lives.

Free Aid to Your Monetization Efforts

This course will benefit you in another major way because unlike everything else in the world where you are encouraged to take action, and when you do you are left alone to figure it out, our 12-month success course teaches you and everyone that is part of your personal social commerce network how to maximize the use of their monetization portals and how to grow their own social commerce networks. It’s like having your own membership site without all the hassles of creating all of the content, hosting it, distributing it, etc. We do the work and you benefit as your social commerce community stays engaged and excited to continuously use the products in the monetization portals that in turn provide residual income potential for you.

Free Software Delivered to Your Inbox Monthly

A very exciting feature of your free 12 Month Success Course is the monthly delivery of Free Downloadable Software, Free Cloud-Hosted Software, Free E-Books, Free Digital Courses and more that you will excitedly use to enhance key areas of your personal and professional lives. This fantastic benefit alone, coupled with the proprietary strategies provided to maximize the effectiveness of each piece of free software, can help take all of your endeavors to the highest levels.

“Content is King and Now You Will Rule Your Own Kingdom!”

Free Content for Your Online Endeavors

Consistently putting out excellent content is the key to successful online activities of any kind. Unfortunately, everyone that creates written, audio, photographic and video content often feel it is difficult to constantly find ideas that will benefit their subscribers, fans, and followers. Now, as part of your free 12 Month Success Course, you’ll enjoy a massive treasure trove of free content to use as you see fit.

“Syndication is Key to Brand and Content Market Saturation!”

Problem: Lack of Reach for Your Content and Messages

In our free 12 Month Success Course, we teach everyone how to have a powerful online presence; however, we discovered most people that already create content fail to equally work on effective content distribution methods to ensure maximum circulation of their hard work. So, quite often, excellent content does NOT get the widest distribution it deserves.

Free Syndication of Your Content and Messages

We put an end to these problems for all of our members because we show everyone that any successful individual or entity with an online presence MUST HAVE an effective content curation, creation, distribution, social network sharing, and media dissemination plan. Now you can enjoy a free multi-faceted syndication system and no-brainer proprietary strategies that make it easy to ensure that you have plenty of fresh content and that your content reaches an ever-growing audience on a vast array of the most popular and also high impact niche information-sharing platforms.

Free Productivity and Time-Saving Tools and Resources

With so many things vying for your time, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut where you are not able to keep up with your desired daily schedule and to-do lists due to too many distractions and the inability to stay on track; fortunately, as part of your Free 12 Month Subscription, you will also receive a complete portfolio of free productivity and time-saving tools and resources that will help you to get and stay organized, quickly accomplish your short-term and long-range goals, and achieve maximum efficiency in your daily routine.

Partial Listing of Benefits

We carefully researched and then selected the monetization portals listed further because they provide the following benefits:


  • Free Accounts = No Startup Costs
  • Free Self-Replicated Websites = Free Storefronts
  • Revenue Sharing = Earn Revenues for Every Purchase in Perpetuity
  • Monthly Residual Income = Your “Referrals” are Tied to You for Life
  • Multi-Tiered Affiliate Programs = Build Social Commerce Communities
  • Network Earnings = Monthly Residual Earnings on Community Purchases
  • High Demand Products and Services = Continual Community Purchases
  • Switch FROM Unrewarded Purchases TO Rewarded Purchases
  • Same or Similar Products and Services BUT NOW Revenues are Shared
  • High Commission Payouts for Same Products Everyone Already Uses
  • 100s of 1000s of Products and Services from 100s of Top Companies

“You Now Have a Partner in Your Success Journey!”

More Exciting Free Benefits

  • Free Benefit Package Giveaway Valued Over $5,000 for Universal Attraction
  • Free 12 Month Success Course Designed to Help Optimize Achievements
  • Free Tools, Resources, and Strategies that Everyone Loves
  • Free Software Delivered to Your Inbox Monthly
  • Free Content Curation, Creation, Dissemination, and Syndication Resources
  • Free Productivity & Time Saving Tools and Resources
  • Free Fan/Follower Loyalty Programs for Content Creators of All Types
  • Optional Participation in the Global Philanthropy Initiative
  • Much More


This is just a small glimpse of the massive treasure-trove of benefits you will receive as you take action now!

“Simple Effective Systems are Key to Standardized Success!”

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Almost every prominent company that does business online has an affiliate program where their affiliates, associates, IBOs, distributors, or other type of referral agents earn commissions or credits to apply toward future purchases for referring new customers to their sites or new purchases of their products. The vast majority of Affiliate Programs only offer their members a small one-time commission, discount, or credit for referring others to become new members or make new purchases. These programs are essentially ways for companies to gain new customers or new purchasers, but there is no residual income component for future purchases by referred members nor is there a reward system for building multiple tiers of referral agents and resulting social commerce communities.

Multi-Tiered and Residual Income Affiliate Programs

As we introduce you to this new way of thinking and our revolutionary free referral revenue sharing marketplace, you will hear the terms: Tier, Level, Generation, etc., but all refer to multi-tiered affiliate direct marketing referral programs. We’ve selected the best of the best multi-tiered affiliate programs that actually “partner” with their affiliates so we all have the opportunity to build monthly residual income on multiple levels of purchases from social commerce communities that we build from our initial referrals. Multi-Tiered Affiliate programs offer monthly commissions on the purchases of not only personally referred members’ purchases but numerous levels of all purchases within your referral shopping community.

Switch to Rewarded Purchases

Some affiliate programs ask their members to become customers and purchase their products regularly in order to earn continued monthly residual commissions on the purchases of their personally referred members and the multi-tiered social commerce communities built from their initial referrals. These are products that everyone purchases anyway so it is easy to transition from unrewarded purchases to rewarded purchases. For your convenience, most offer auto-shipment of your monthly needs and even offer exciting discounts for doing so.

Deferred Compensation

Quick Administrative Note: Please understand that with every “affiliate” program there is typically a deferred distribution of revenues based on many factors like “Return Policy” timeframe, etc. This prevents issues such as the need to recoup commissions that were paid for purchases that get later returned within the return period. So, cash back and/or social commerce revenue sharing earnings may be paid out within the same week or month of purchase, but some may be paid out in 30 to 90 days depending on the “Affiliate Program Guidelines” of the stores in which purchases are made.

What are Cash-Back Sites?

Cash-back sites are companies that become “affiliates” of numerous major retailers and specialty stores that offer affiliate programs. The cash-back sites earn 100% of the affiliate commissions when their members make purchases from the various stores, and then these cash back sites share a portion of those revenues back to their members for their personal purchases.

The Problem: Most Cash Back Sites “Use” Their Members

Sadly, most cash back sites use their members in various ways. First, most keep a large portion of the affiliate revenues earned from member purchases for themselves. Second, many don’t offer a referral reward of any kind when members refer new members, while some offer a low one-time referral “finders fee” of a few dollars or a small one-time monetary credit toward future purchases. Third, and most importantly, the “referrer” earns NOTHING after their initial small one-time reward; meanwhile, these cash back companies keep earning in perpetuity from every purchase of every referred member.

Take Advantage of the Revolutionary New Referral Model

As you can see the old “Referral Model” is a system where companies “use” their members to get new members and some of these cash back sites are now multi-million-dollar enterprises. These “Big Money Cash-Back Sites” use the leverage of referral marketing, but fail to properly reward their members. Let’s look at the NEW Referral Model that you now have access to with your BVS Monetization Portals and how we as a community help many people in need.

Purchase for a Purpose Program

Whether you choose to be a “Customer” and just enjoy the cash back, discounts, and other benefits, or if you choose to “Partner” with our “advocacy community” to help give away Free Benefit Packages, everyone loves knowing that every single purchase for their daily needs from these free revenue-sharing portals help to fund our members’ personal advocacies and worthy causes, the Global Philanthropy Initiative worthy causes, the Health Ambassador Lifestyle Disease Prevention Revolution, and many other “values-based” initiatives that you’ll discover once you get your free subscription below. Please read to the end of this important message and follow the easy instructions herein to ensure that you get all of your free benefits today.

“Build Upon on a Foundation of Honesty and Integrity!”

Easy Steps to Success

  1. Get Your Free Monetization Accounts
  2. Get Your Free 12 Month Success Course Subscription
  3. Give Away Free Benefit Packages to Others

“Say Yes to Your Free Benefit Package Today!”

Did You Already Secure Your Free Subscription?

If you came to this page via a link in your introduction email to your Free 12 Month Success Course subscription and you already secured your free BVS 10X monetization portal accounts, continue reading this page to the end and ensure to watch all videos below to get the full details on each of your monetization portals and the benefits in your free subscription.


Follow Along With Your Sponsor’s Message: If you have not yet used the links in your Sponsor’s introduction message to secure your own free monetization portal accounts, follow along to the end of this web page, BUT use your Sponsor’s personal referral links on that intro message to secure your own free monetization accounts. It is imperative that you stay connected to your Sponsor, so ensure to use their referral links.


No Sponsor? Only if you came to this webpage directly without an invitation and you don’t have a Sponsor will you use the links below to secure your free monetization accounts. Also, if you don’t have a Sponsor you will need to subscribe to our free 12 Month Success Course subscription now to get the full benefits of our automated system. Your initial email will provide the complete details on how to get started. Only click the following link if you have NOT already gotten your free 12 Month Success Course subscription.

Review Frequently for Guidance: Feel free to frequently read through the following sections and watch the videos to refresh your memory on the incredible benefits you now have at your disposal to help fund and grow any personal or professional endeavor you may pursue.

Stay Faithful to Your Sponsor

As you continue, you will see many references to “click the links below” or similar wording, but if you came here by invitation of your Sponsor, just remember that we expect you to go back to the blog post, social network post, article, or the email message in which you first learned about this fantastic opportunity and use your Sponsor’s referral URLs therein to secure your free monetization accounts.


Staying Faithful = Honesty and Integrity: We call this “staying faithful to your sponsor” meaning everyone will use the referral links of the individual that invited them to receive this life-changing free benefit package to get their own free accounts. As you use your sponsor’s referral links to get your own free accounts you both will remain connected in this journey to positively change the world. As you give away Free Benefit Packages to others, you will want them to use your referral links too. This is how we build our interconnected “integrity-based” social commerce advocacy community.

“It's Time to Bring Integrity Back to the Marketplace!”

Build A Community Based on Honesty and Good Character

Only if you came to this site directly will you use the links below to secure your free monetization portal accounts, but the vast majority of people come to this page via an invite from someone else (aka your Sponsor). If you came to this site because someone invited you to do so, the moral and honest way to do business is to go to your Sponsor’s email message or blog/social network post and click on his/her referral links to get your free accounts now. You would not have known about this life-changing opportunity if that special person did not invite you here.

“Procrastination Causes Missed Opportunities!”

Start Fresh?

Note: If you already have old accounts with any of the sites below and you have no earnings or no personally referred customers or partners, you may want to close the old account(s) and sign up for your fresh new account(s) via the links on your Sponsor’s invitation message, or if you came to this page directly use the links below. This will help to provide the best benefits for you and for our like-minded “interconnected community-building” objectives.

Diversification of Monetization Platforms

We all shop at multiple stores and have multiple online shopping accounts. We’ve just taken this typical situation for individuals and families and optimized it for every household into one perfect synergized system to now purchase our daily needs but in turn, receive cash back or deep discounts off of retail and the opportunity to receive monthly revenue sharing funds. You are given 8 links below to secure your free Best-In-Class Monetization Accounts.


Get Diversified Now! Once you get your free accounts below you will have a well-diversified portfolio of monetization portals that are designed to generate continuous monthly residual income. While no income or success claims of any kind are made herein, taking the advice of many experts, this “never put all your eggs in one basket” system is intended to help with the long-term stability and sustainability of your monetization plan.

Up to 8 Streams of Monetization Income

It is recommended that you secure your free accounts in all 8 monetization portals below to allow the optimal potential of the entire system to work for you; however, if for some reason you choose to not get a free account in one or more of the sites below just leave your sponsor’s referral link under that offer; then, as you give away free benefit packages by use of this message, the continuity of our free but proprietary total 10X Monetization System is maintained. This is important because our free 12 Month Success Course that everyone receives provides advanced guidance on how to maximize ALL 8 monetization portals below, so it won’t make sense if one or more is missing.

Get Your Free “Monetization Accounts” Below

Click the Links Below to Get Your Free Social Revenue Sharing Accounts Today! Setting up your total cash back, deep discount, and revenue sharing social commerce system should take less than 1 hour, but take your time and follow the easy instructions herein and follow along with the Free Guide you received in Step 1.A. above when you subscribed to your free 12-Month Success Course. It’s time to HAVE FUN!  Let’s delve into your exciting cash back module first…

Cash Back Module

Everyone loves getting cash back! Now you can earn revenues from a portion of the $80 Billion cashback and $300 Billion Gift Card industries. Get your free cash back accounts below and use them when shopping for all of your daily, weekly and monthly needs. As you give away free benefit packages to others, they too will receive cash back and give away free benefit packages to others and this can continue on and on. Then, you can earn monthly residual income on your ever-growing social commerce community.


Triple Cash Back? Your Free 12 Month Success Course provides the details on how you may be able to earn “triple cash back” on many or all of your purchases. A brief summary of triple cash back: Load your current cash back credit card (if you have one) into your first free cash back portal below, the Fluz App, and then use that app as the secure tool for making your purchases in your second free cash back portal from hundreds of your favorite stores. This way, your cash back can really add up each month and your potential to earn revenue sharing can be life-changing. Secure your 100% FREE accounts NOW!


Fluz App Cash Back Shopping and Revenue Sharing



1.  Free Social Shopping Portal #1: Everyone loves this fun and exciting way to save and earn because you can enjoy cash back on your entire purchase at hundreds of your favorite restaurants, stores, and online shopping sites with just one “bank-level secure” and revolutionary new smartphone app. There is no need for coupons or even pulling out a credit card to pay! Instead of putting your personal credit card number at risk by swiping, inserting, or giving out your number dozens or hundreds of times each year, you will now have a unique code per transaction that can be scanned at checkout or typed-in to complete your purchase.

Secure Purchases: You’ll be excited to learn how your smartphone can become a secure cashback machine and you can earn up to 15 levels of revenue sharing monthly in your Social Commerce Community! You’re going to shop anyway, so why not save on every purchase? You’ll also receive three 35% cash-back vouchers when you join and one more 35% cashback voucher for everyone you personally refer that makes a purchase.

Fluz App Monetization Portal. With your Fluz App you can enjoy the following benefits.


  • Free Account – 100% Free Forever!
  • Free App to Help Maximize Cash Back on ALL Qualifying Purchases
  • Free Personalized Referral Web Page
  • Cash Back on the Purchases of Your Daily Needs from Your Favorite Stores
  • Hundreds of Top Department and Specialty Stores and Restaurants
  • Food, Travel, Clothing, Electronics, and ALL Top Shopping Categories
  • Residual Revenue Sharing on up to 15 Tiers of Purchases


This exciting portal offers exceptional products and services and once again you can earn revenue sharing when multiple generations of members in your social shopping community make purchases and excitedly earn their own cash back. Simply log in to begin shopping. You’ll notice that the products and services are available elsewhere online and have fantastic reviews, but now you can earn cash back and revenue sharing when purchasing those same items and services with your Fluz account. Here are just a few of the major stores and restaurants that offer cash back via your Fluz App.


  • Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, JCPenny, T.J. Maxx
  • Amazon, WholeFoods, eBay, Overstock, Boxed Wholesale, Sam’s, QVC
  • Burger King, Steak ‘n Shake, Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Outback Steakhouse, Logan’s Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse
  • Rainforest Café, P.F. Chang’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Bubba Gump
  • Red Lobster, IHOP, Chipotles, Olive Garden
  • Quiznos, Panera Bread, Red Robin, Sub 51, Jamba Juice
  • O’Charley’s, Ruby Tuesday, TGI Fridays, Applebee’s, Chili’s
  • Home Depot, Lowes, AutoZone, Jiffy Lube
  • Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, Cost Plus World Market, The Container Store
  • The Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Caribou Coffee
  • CVS Pharmacy, Staples, Acorns, Groupon
  • Bass Pro Shops, REI, Columbia, Cabela’s, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End
  • com, StubHub Tickets, MLB.TV
  • Bed Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works, Etsy
  • Spotify, Fortnite, Hulu, App Store & iTunes, Google Play Store, Sony, Xbox
  • Showtime, Disney, CBS All Access, STARZ, SiriusXM
  • Petco, 1-800-PetSupplies
  • ConEdison, Uber, Airbnb,
  • Pizza: Papa John’s, Domino’s, Bertucci’s, and Chuck E. Cheese
  • Food Delivery: Grubhub, Seamless, DoorDash, Uber Eats
  • Movie Theaters: AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Fandango, Atom Tickets
  • Cruise Lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean
  • Airlines & Trains: Delta, Southwest, Amtrak
  • Smart Phone Service: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile
  • Baby Stores, Clothing Stores, Sports Stores, Books, EBooks, Gifts
  • Golf, Fragrances, Fruit, Wine, Crafts, Education, Music, Hobbies
  • Hotels, Travel, Spas, Vacation
  • And Many More Stores and Restaurants


Click Below to Get Your Free Account Now!

BeeSavy Cash Back Shopping and Revenue Sharing



2.  Free Social Shopping Portal #2: Enjoy Cash Back from over 1,000 of the top department and specialty stores. Just click, shop, save, share, and earn! Use your Fluz App from above to pay and in many stores, you may be able to earn double cash back, or even triple cash back, and also earn up to 7 levels of exciting revenue sharing. Yes, by combining both cash back portals #1 and #2, this Free Cash Back Module alone has the potential to earn you two streams of monthly residual revenue sharing as your Social Commerce Advocacy Community grows!


Exciting Shopping Experience!


Think of it as the online equivalent of going to your local shopping mall. You must enter the mall first (except our members login to their BeeSavy Accounts) and then you can go shopping at the stores therein. But now with BeeSavy, you can do this from the comfort of your home and even earn cash back when you shop. Simply start every online shopping experience by logging into your BeeSavy account and then find the stores, products, and services you desire therein. You will click on the respective store’s link in which you want to shop and then upon checkout, your cashback will be calculated and revenues will be shared.


Simplified Online Shopping!


We’ve made it even more convenient for you with our Direct Store Links Page that you will receive in your Free 12 Month Success Course Subscription. So, after you login to your BeeSavy account, you can click directly on the links therein to be taken right to the respective stores to begin your shopping experience.


Shop Online and Enjoy Free Shipping or even Pick Up Locally?


In many cases when using your BeeSavy portal and shop at major nationwide retailers online you can use your Fluz app from above to enjoy double cash back and also have your purchases delivered to your local store where you can pick up your purchased items at the Customer Service Desk or “Online Orders Kiosk”. Or, for even greater convenience take advantage of free shipping when offered. Just remember to always log-in to your BeeSavy account first and then make your purchase from your favorite stores to ensure you can earn cash back on all qualifying purchases.


Affiliate Programs Can Generate Tremendous Residual Income! While other cash back sites “use” their members for one-time referrals, BeeSavy offers the following incredible benefits that far exceed the competition.


  • Free Account
  • Free Personalized Referral Web Pages
  • Hundreds of Your Favorite Stores
  • High Demand Products and Services
  • Cash Back on Your Own Purchases
  • Shop at Your Favorite Stores Online with “One Portal” Access
  • Monthly Residual Revenue Sharing on up to 7 Tiers of Purchases


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Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Module Health Fitness Nutrition Module

Chances are very high that you are already a “Consumer” in the annual $445 Billion Skin-Care and Beauty, $100 Billion Nutritional Supplement, $72 Billion Weight Loss/Weight Management, $100 Billion Coffee, and/or $50 Billion Tea marketplaces. Now, with your new free monetization accounts below, you are both a “Consumer” and “Owner” because you essentially have your own FREE health, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, weight management, coffee and tea, skin-care and beauty Revenue-Sharing Marketplace that offers monthly residual income potential as you give away Free BVS 10X Benefit Packages.


JDI Life Stem Cell Nutrition



1.  Free Cellular Nutrition Support Account: Take advantage of deep discounts on the JDI Multivitamin Multimineral With NeuStem™ Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Support, Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition, or Multi Stem Including Stem Cell Nutrition, and earn up to 7 levels of revenue sharing in your Social Commerce Community! Since these extremely low-cost products are perfect for the foundation of your health and nutrition plan and since your potential earnings are optimal, it is recommended that, under your doctor’s guidance, everyone transitions to at least one extremely low-cost and high-impact nutritional product purchase monthly from this innovative company. Click below and choose to either become a Preferred Customer or Distributor. Being a Distributor and taking advantage of “auto-ship” offers the rock-bottom lowest pricing and also the ability to earn residual income on your referrals as you give away Free BVS 10X Benefit Packages.


Free JDI Life “International” Monetization Portal: Give away free accounts to people in many nations throughout the world and grow an international monetization system with monthly residual income potential. So, you can now have an international storefront offering high-demand nutritional products.


Countries Available: United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Mali, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, and Thailand.

IMPORTANT: Confirm with the JDI Life site for the updated and latest listing of countries in which they do business.


JDI Life: Superb Revenue Sharing and Full Benefit Package


In addition to providing the best Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Support, JDI Life also provides the following benefits:


  • Free Account
  • Free High-Impact Personalized Referral Web Pages
  • High Demand and Powerful Nutrition Products
  • Residual Revenue Sharing on up to 7 Levels
  • The Best and Easiest Monetization System
  • Low-Priced Products for Universal Appeal
  • Give Away Unlimited Free Accounts to Others
  • Grow Internationally for Free


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CTFO Superior Organic Hemp CBD



2. Free Organic CBD Products Account: Hemp CBD is in extremely high demand now and is projected to continue this trend for the long term. Why? Because CBD has so many reported benefits regarding brain, mental, physical, pain relief, and other health and wellbeing issues that it seems everyone wants it! With CTFO you enjoy deep discounts on Non-GMO Organic CBD Oil and other exciting Health, Fitness, Ketogenic, Weight Loss, and Natural Beauty products and earn up to 21 levels of revenue sharing in your Social Commerce advocacy Community!


CTFO: High Demand and Powerful Nutrition Products


While all products by Change the Future Outcome (CTFO) provide superior nutrition, purchasing at least one of the following products from our “Recommended Listing” monthly on auto-ship provides not only exceptional nutrition, convenience, and cost savings, but also the potential to enjoy a full array of revenue-sharing rewards:


  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (300mg, 500mg, 750mg, or 1500mg)
  • 10X PURE Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg)
  • 10X PURE Ultimate Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
  • Isolate CBD Oil Drops (500mg and 1500mg)
  • Pure Hemp CBD Total Wellness Capsules
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD “Anti-Stress Relaxation” Oral Spray
  • CBD “Energy Blast and Focus” Oral Spray
  • CBD “Sleep Support” Oral Spray
  • CBD “Weight Loss” Oral Spray
  • CBD Relief Oral Spray
  • Chew Off - Appetite Control, Weight Management, Energy, Metabolism


The Patented CTFO Multifaceted Referral Revenue-Sharing Plan is so generous that you are encouraged to learn the income potential if you and your referrals, and their referrals, etc., purchase at least one of the superior products in the “Recommended Listing” above on a monthly basis and help give away free benefit packages as detailed in this report. You will also be provided additional details in your free 12 Month Success Course.


CTFO Full Health and Beauty Product Line: The company also has many other excellent low-cost CBD and non-CBD products for the following: ketogenic drinks, pain relief, skin care, eye-care, collagen retinol, anti-aging, anti-skin wrinkle, neck & décolleté, Vitamin C skin serum, Dead Sea Mud Mask with Vulcanus Kaolin, weight loss, sleep support, anti-stress, pet care, and much more.


CTFO: Philanthropy All the Way to the Top


Just as the supports many worthy causes via revenues earned with every purchase in our overall Social Commerce Advocacy Network, CTFO also supports many worthy causes with every purchase from their portal. This, in addition to many of our members donating at least 10% of their earnings to worthy causes, allows you to enjoy the satisfaction in knowing that each of your purchases and the purchases of everyone in your referral network support many people in need via our Ripple Effect of Giving System.


Go International!


Countries Available: USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and Wales. IMPORTANT: Confirm with the CTFO website for the updated and latest listing of countries in which they do business.


CTFO: Exciting Revenue Sharing and Full Benefit Package


In addition to providing the best organic hemp CBD oil products and other non-CBD nutrition and beauty products, CTFO also provides the following benefits:


  • Free Account
  • Free Personalized Referral Web Pages
  • High Demand, and Powerful Nutrition Products
  • Competitive Low-Priced Products
  • Deep Discounts Off of Retail Prices
  • 20% Additional Discount Off of Initial Purchase
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unprecedented Residual Revenue Sharing on up to 21 Levels
  • Patented Compensation System Designed for Maximum Rewards
  • Give Away Unlimited Free Accounts to Others
  • Grow Internationally for Free


Click Below to Get Your Free Account Now (No Credit Card Required)!


RegenaLife Raw and Organic Nutrition 



3.  Free Nutrition Storefront Account: Get deep discounts on Non-GMO Organic Nutrition, Health Supplements, Keto Coffee, and Natural Beauty products. The “RegenaLife Marketplace” will constantly bring on new and exciting products that you are sure to love. Take advantage of numerous low-cost “Targeted Health Support” product packages and enjoy Free Shipping. Earn up to 7 levels of generous revenue sharing in your Social Commerce Advocacy Community!


RegenaLife: Deep Discounts and Exciting Revenue Sharing


RegenaLife offers deep discounts off of their retail prices and exciting revenue sharing on up to 7 generations of purchases within your social shopping network. Everyone also receives a free account, free personalized web pages to invite others to your social commerce community and much more!


Power-Packed Purchase Options


Here are some product recommendations that you may find helpful for your specific needs and offer the potential for outstanding revenue sharing in your Social Commerce Advocacy Community. The free shipping packages are the highest recommended for their powerful products, price savings and value. Always check your shopping portal within RegenaLife for any changes, new product offering additions, etc.


  • Daily Essential Multi-Pack [Free Shipping]
  • Immunity Package [Free Shipping]
  • Weight Loss Package [Free Shipping]
  • Heart Health Package [Free Shipping]
  • Eyes-Skin Package [Free Shipping]
  • Skin Care Special [Free Shipping]
  • Daily Essential Pack [Free Shipping]
  • Adrenals Package [Free Shipping]
  • Joint Relief Daily Essentials [Free Shipping]
  • Joints Package [Free Shipping]
  • Cocoa Bars (48 Bars) [Free Shipping]
  • Ultimate Weight Loss Package [Free Shipping]
  • Humic & Fulvic Minerals (Immunity Support - 72 ionic minerals)
  • Focus Power (Multi-Nutrient Daily Nootropic)
  • Cocoa Bars (24 Bars)


Individual Health Needs Products


  • Regena-Slim Appetite Control
  • Regena-Slim Skinny Body Shake
  • Blu-Lina Superfood (USDA Organic Spirulina)
  • Longevity Antioxidant Formula - RAM 650
  • Krill Oil W/Astaxanthin
  • Prostate Health
  • Z-Tox Whole Body Detoxifier
  • Chlorella Growth Factor
  • Living Raw Chocolates
  • Vitamin B17 Power (Amygdalin)
  • Jiaogulan Tea (The Tea of the Centenarians)
  • Keto Coffee (Collagen Peptides, MCT Oil, Grass Fed Butter Powder, Sunflower, Dark Roast Coffee, Natural Flavors, Stevia & Monk Fruit Extract.)
  • Much More


Anti-Aging Cocoa Brownie Bars - USDA Organic, Raw, Sprouted Grain, Kosher, Vegetarian and Gluten Free. These bars include the powerful Resveratrol ingredient. Resveratrol is the compound found in the skin of red grapes, which may be linked to longevity in humans. Recent human clinical studies found that Resveratrol increases the dilation of the brachial artery by a whopping 62%, potentially lowering blood pressure and increasing heart health! A single Bar contains the equivalent Resveratrol of an incredible 30 Bottles of Red Wine!


Save Money! Replacing typical fast-food breakfasts and/or lunches with these healthy bars and nutritional drinks can not only save you money but also may help you transition from less healthy eating habits to a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. To enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch replacement meal, log in to your free RegenaLife account now and choose the 24 Cocoa Bars Pack of these healthy organic bars or choose the fantastic low-cost “Weight Loss Package” consisting of two boxes of Anti-Aging Bars and RegenaSlim powdered drink. You’ll quite possibly find this to not only be a cost-saving healthy meal replacement package, but you may also enjoy the benefits of weight loss and healthy weight maintenance thereafter. To make this a truly irresistible offer, you will also enjoy free shipping on the Weight Loss Package.


Go International!


Got family, friends, or other connections in other nations? Allow your Social Commerce Advocacy Community to “Go International” by giving away free benefit packages to people you know in the countries below.

Countries Available: USA, UK, Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Curacao, Denmark, Germany, Guam, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan Myanmar/Burma, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Virgin Islands (USA).

IMPORTANT: Confirm with the RegenaLife website for the updated and latest listing of countries in which they do business.


RegenaLife: Free Revenue Sharing and Full Benefit Package


In addition to providing superior quality raw and organic food and nutrition products RegenaLife also provides the following benefits:


  • Free Account
  • Free Personalized Referral Web Pages
  • Free Personalized Individual Product Pages
  • High Demand and Powerful Nutrition Products
  • Residual Revenue Sharing on up to 7 Generations
  • Great Discounts Off of Retail Prices
  • Free Loyalty Rewards Point System for Even Greater Discounts
  • Easy Compensation System
  • Competitive Low-Priced Products
  • Free Shipping and Even More Price Savings on Special Packages


Click Below to Get Your Free Account Now (No Credit Card Required)!


Ganoderma Coffee Club - Healthy Coffee and Tea 



4.  Free Low-Cost Coffee and Tea Club: Enjoy 15% cash back on Low-Cost Coffee and Tea with added Healthy Mushroom and/or Healthy Herbal Ingredients and earn up to 3 levels of revenue sharing in your Social Commerce Community!


Healthy and Delicious Coffee and Tea

Here are the healthy coffee, tea, and chocolate flavors available now!

  • Black Healthy Coffee
  • All-in-One Healthy Coffee
  • Healthy Mocha
  • Healthy Cocoa
  • Ganoderma 2-in-1 Black Coffee
  • Ganoderma 4-in-1 Coffee
  • Tongkat Ali Coffee
  • Hoodia Coffee
  • Ganoderma Green Tea
  • Kacip Fatimah Coffee
  • Ganoderma Cappuccino
  • Ganoderma Chocolate
  • Sampler Packs
  • Reishi 2-in-1 Low Caffeine
  • Reishi 4-in1 Low Caffeine
  • Ginseng 4-in-1 Coffee


Your incredible free Ganoderma Coffee Club offers fantastic 15% discounts off of your own purchases of low-cost coffee and 40% residual revenue sharing (15%/10%/15%) on 3 generations of the purchases from your social shopping network. This opportunity can be a great residual income fundraiser.


Country Available: USA. IMPORTANT: Confirm with the Ganoderma Coffee Club website for the updated and latest listing of countries in which they do business.


Coffee Club: Free Revenue Sharing and Benefit Package


In addition to providing superior quality coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate products, The Ganoderma Coffee Club also provides the following benefits:


  • Free Account
  • Free Personalized Referral Web Pages
  • High-Demand Healthy Energizing Drink Products
  • 15% Discount on Your Purchases
  • Very Low-Priced Products
  • 40% Residual Revenue Sharing on 3 Generations
  • Easy Compensation System


Click Below to Get Your Free Account Now (No Credit Card Required)!

Transition to Healthy and Wise Choices

Let’s look at an illustration on how to tie all of your product choices together to provide potentially excellent outcomes. Your Free 12 Month Success Course subscription will help you to adjust your lifestyle on a continuous basis so you can transition from potentially hundreds of dollars monthly in unhealthy and wasteful purchases and instead redirect those same funds to the healthy and smart purchasing choices that follow. Here are just a few of the many considerations that you will have access to in your free course.

“Spend Wisely - Live Nicely!”

Typical Unhealthy and Wasteful Purchases

  • Fast Food Breakfast = $3-$8 x 5 Weekly = $60 - $160 Monthly
  • Fast Food Lunch = $6-$10 x 5 Weekly = $120 - $200 Monthly
  • Average Coffee Shop Stop = $3-$5 x 5 Weekly = $60 - $100 Monthly
  • Chips, Candy and/or Soda = $2 x 5 Weekly = $40 or More Monthly
  • Glass of Alcohol = $2-$5 x 5 Weekly = $40-$100 Monthly
  • Pack of Cigarettes = $6-$8 x 7 Weekly = $168-$224 Monthly
  • Cable TV = $60-$200 Monthly

“The Time for Positive Change is NOW!”

Tie It All Together

You will also discover many other cost savings strategies in your 12 Month Success Course subscription that can potentially save you up to hundreds of dollars monthly. Just one of your cost-saving strategies includes “cutting your cable bill” and still having access to hundreds of top channels and excellent video streaming choices.

“Replace Wasted Time and Money With Life-Changing Habits!”

Transition to Rewarded Purchasing

We’ll guide you all along the way, so you’ll find it easy to redirect your current UNREWARDED purchases to your monetization portals that have the capacity to provide the personal and financial advantages that you’ve always wanted and deserve. You will feel great when you transition from purchases that drain your wealth, your time, and your health and instead redirect your funds to smart purchases that can enhance your finances and your mental and physical well-being.

“A Guided Total Life Makeover Can Be Easy, Fun, and Exciting!”

Maximize Your Monetization Portals

In your Free 12 Month Success Course Subscription, you’ll get a plethora of gentle reminders, tips, and guidance on how to maximize your monetization portals and how to incorporate them into a rewarding and power-packed daily schedule, but here are some quick “purchase recommendations” to tie it all together.


  • JDI: Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Stem Cell and Overall Health Support
  • CTFO: CBD Oil for Pain Relief, Mental and Brain Support, and Much More
  • RegenaLife: Anti-Aging Bars & RegenaSlim “Weight Loss Package”
  • BeeSavy: Shop at All of Your Favorite Stores and Get Cash Back
  • FluzApp: Shop At Hundreds of Your Favorite Stores and Get More Cash Back
  • Ganoderma Coffee Club: “Healthy Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, or Chocolate”
  • TrafficWave: Email Communication Service to Grow Your Online Presence


The illustration above is provided only as a recommendation to help you put together your own individual customized plan. Adjust your purchases from each respective company according to your needs. Now, let’s look at how to maximize your rock-solid email communication, newsletter, and Autoresponder account.

“Your Incredible Value in the Marketplace Will Now Be Rewarded!”

Business Services Module

In your Free 12-Month Success Course Subscription you will receive a plethora of free business tools, resources, and proprietary strategies that you will want to immediately begin using to grow your entrepreneurial aspirations to the highest levels. You will also learn how to get the key service that is needed by everyone with an online presence of any kind. And, you will discover how to get it for free indefinitely.


Cannot Rely on Social Networks to Keep Follower Contacts: With the massive amount of account terminations, restrictions, and demonetization that the older social networks have recently implemented, everyone now realizes that we simply cannot trust Big Tech firms to care about us and our future success. These malevolent giants uncaringly flushed years' worth of work down the drain for tens of thousands of their loyal content creators. Now that we've all learned our lessons the hard way, it is time for you to "Own Your Own Communications Channel"! Let's delve into the ultimate email communication suite!

“Own Your Communication Channel!”

The Largest Marketplace of Potential Customers

With the hundreds of millions of websites, plus hundreds of millions of Social Networkers trying to capitalize on their internet presence, 31 million YouTube channels marketing to over 1.4 billion YouTube viewers, and over 1 billion bloggers globally looking to get subscribers to their blogs, and all badly needing affordable follower subscription and email communication services, the marketplace for a top-quality autoresponder (no SMTP needed), landing page, newsletter, and a full suite of digital communication tools and other benefits is the largest ever! Now you have access to the best-valued low flat-rate service in the industry and you are about to learn how you can get it for free indefinitely, and you can also give it away for free to grow a secondary profit center!

“Email Will Always be an Important Communication Channel!”

Free Autoresponder? The Ultimate List-Building Portal!

As you are about to finish reading this free guide and especially this monetization account section and you have watched the short videos herein, you now realize that you’ve been provided the ultimate monetization tool chest and proprietary advocacy-growing system to grow and fund any endeavor you choose. To round out your free monetization portals, you are given free access to the best email and autoresponder system ever offered on the internet. You will learn the details of how you can easily keep this service for free indefinitely.


The Power and Your Future is In Your List! No matter what social networks or search engines do to potentially restrict the distribution of your content, or if you build a large following on a social network platform that later implements overly restrictive rule changes or even goes out of business, once you build a large and powerful email list of dedicated fans, friends and followers, you can continue to grow and prosper because you will always have direct access to your supporters. This is essentially your low-cost and potentially free “Social-Connection Assurance Plan” to ensure continued outreach and information dissemination to your support base.

“Maintaining a Strong Email List is Key to Long Term Success!”

The Awesome TrafficWave List Building Platform

Must See TrafficWave Video


Watch this exciting video to see why everyone with any type of online presence needs this fantastic and very profitable service! Stay tuned to your free 12 Month Success Course for emails delivered to your inbox that detail strategies on how to maximize your TrafficWave account.

TrafficWave offers a complete autoresponder, newsletter, marketing distribution, and list building platform. You can enjoy a free 30-Day account with no need for a credit card, and then the lowest flat-rate plan in the autoresponder industry which has been under $20 monthly for over 18 years. Keep reading to learn how you can keep your account for free and never pay again for this unbeatable “MUST HAVE” service!


Exciting TrafficWave Benefits: Your account provides the following exciting benefits…


  • Free Account (No Credit Card Required)
  • Refer 3 and It’s Free for As Long as They Remain Paying Customers
  • Free 10-Tiered Affiliate Program (Earn Monthly on Up To 10 Referral Tiers)
  • 100% First Month Bonus Commission
  • Up to $80,000+ Monthly Residual Income Potential
  • PLUS - Unbelievable Bonus Commissions
  • Lowest Flat Rate Autoresponder = Universal Attraction
  • No Need to Connect SMTP Server – Save Big $$
  • Manage Unlimited Lists and Subscribers
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Collect as Much Data as You Want
  • Schedule Broadcasts with the Click of a Mouse
  • Track Your Open Rates
  • Track Your Click-Throughs
  • Easily Create Opt-In Forms for Your Web Site
  • Free “Hosted” Lead Capture Pages
  • This Business Has Been Successful for 18+ Years
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support


Free Account – 100% Commission – Monthly Residual Revenues


As you give away free benefit packages others will secure their free accounts from your referral links and this incredible program will be part of your monetization system. Once your first 3 invitees pass their 30-day free account period and convert to paying members, your account is free for as long as they remain customers. Additionally, you will receive 100% first month commissions for every one of your personal referrals that become paying members and you’ll enjoy indefinite monthly residual commissions thereafter for as long as they remain paying members. But that’s not all, keep reading for the exciting details of this wonderful opportunity.


Lowest Cost and Easiest Autoresponder in the Industry


All email communication and autoresponder competitors get extremely expensive as their paying members’ email subscriber lists grow and also because so many force additional costs and hassles by requiring connection to your own or third-party SMTP servers; consequently, everyone loves TrafficWave due to its simplicity, ease of use, industry low flat rate, and full feature set including unlimited list building and unlimited campaigns, unlimited autoresponders and unlimited lead capture pages and forms, no need to connect to SMTP servers, and the complete array of other exciting benefits.


Another Profit Center for Your Endeavors


In addition to the incredible autoresponder and list-building benefits, TrafficWave can become another profit center to help fund your endeavors. Again, when your first 3 referrals become paying members for this “MUST HAVE” service that anyone with an online presence already has or needs, you get your account for free as long as they remain paying customers. As you continue giving away free benefit packages and eventually have 10 personal TrafficWave referrals or more that convert to paying customers, you may be able to eventually enjoy over $80,000 in monthly residual income plus incredible bonuses. Ensure to watch the accompanying TrafficWave video below for the details. In your free 12 Month Success Course subscription you will also be provided complete video and wiki resources to become a master of your TrafficWave marketing system.


Go International!


Got family, friends, or other connections in other nations? Allow your Social Commerce Advocacy Community to “Go International” by giving away free benefit packages to people you know in over 120 countries. Everyone can enjoy their free 30-day “no credit card required” account and set up their entire system before becoming a paying customer.


Important Email List-Building Tip


Use your TrafficWave account to create lead capture forms and generate follow-on email chains and newsletters to stay in constant contact with your fanbase. You will simply create a lead capture page which is an “invite page” on your website where you will embed your TrafficWave lead capture form and ask all of your fans, followers, supporters, colleagues, industry cohorts, etc., to complete the form with their name and email address so they can “partner with you”. Then, always direct your fans to your lead capture page(s) at various points within your videos, blog posts, articles, podcasts, image sharing sites and other content sharing endeavors to continually obtain new subscribers to your email list. Make growing your email list your first “marketing” and “fan-growing” priority.


Allow Our 12-Month Success Course to Help You Grow


Locate the Free Benefit Package Giveaway message that you downloaded to your hard drive in Step 1.C. earlier and updated with your personal referral URLs in Step 3. Open it up and copy the entire message and then paste it into your TrafficWave system as your first letter in your autoresponder to ask your subscribers to accept the free benefit package that you are giving them. As they consume products and services offered therein, they will passively financially support your continued operations as well as your philanthropic endeavors.


Your Subscribers are Now Your Partners in Success


Now your subscribers have the opportunity to partner with you and help you grow your Social Commerce Advocacy Community. As everyone enjoys the benefit package you gave them, they will also subsequently subscribe to the free 12-Month Success Course that is designed to help fund your operations as they learn how to maximize their cash back and revenue sharing benefits offered by using our Free 10X Monetization System. This success course also acts as an automated training course for your entire social commerce network to help them become excellent passive financial and also content distribution partners of yours.  

Superior Email Messaging and Digital Communications Suite: Get this Low-Cost Digital Communication and Marketing System that’s perfect for anyone with an online presence. No credit card is required for your free account and after using the benefits of this fantastic service for 30 days you can choose to take advantage of the low-cost flat rate for continued use of this benefit-packed system.

Refer 3 And It’s Free! What’s really exciting about this plan is that, after you refer 3 new users to this superior service by giving away Free BVS 10X Benefit Packages, your account is free for as long as your referrals remain paid members. Continue to refer others and earn up to 10 levels of monthly residual revenue sharing in your Social Commerce Advocacy Community! With more than a billion bloggers and hundreds of millions of small businesses across the globe needing this exact product combination, this service can quickly become another profit center for your primary endeavor!


Click Below to Get Your Free Account Now (No Credit Card Required)!

“It's Time to Fully Utilize Your Free Benefit Package!”

In your 12 Month Success Course Subscription, you will be introduced to a full array of the new free social network, video-sharing, photo-sharing, podcasting and blogging platforms that have either their own internal monetization systems and/or are perfect to use with the monetization modules above. It’s time to break free from Big Tech control and take control back for yourself! is a revolutionary communication platform that offers similar features as other sites like Facebook, but also has CRM and Social Syndication modules and so much more! However, unlike the old Big Tech social network billionaires that use their members for personal gain, when you join and set up your account according to their guided introduction, you can be ready for immediate monetization through the natural process of growing your network and interacting with others.

Unlike Facebook and other Big Tech firms where you are monetized for their benefit only, allows you to enjoy free revenue sharing on the growth of their platform via their immediate monetization system where up to 50% of their advertising revenues are shared with their members. You will also enjoy the personal satisfaction in knowing that your activities on the site also help people in need because they also donate 10% of their advertising revenues to charity.


Use your Sponsor’s Referral Link to join, or if you came to this site directly without a referral or Sponsor (a person that referred you to, click the link below to get your free account now!

Automated System

Must-See Free Benefit Package Video


Watch this exciting video for a brief summary of our 10X System where all of our members receive a Free Benefit Package valued over $5,000 and grow Social Commerce Advocacy Communities by giving away Free Benefit Packages to others.


Simple and Easy to Set-up: We've truly made it that simple. One hour of setting up your own automated system complete with the top monetization plans can result in a lifetime of positive changes for you and those you invite to join you.


OK, now you have your new 10X Monetization System and it is designed to be fully automated. The instructions in this message make it so simple that virtually everyone has the ability to grow and fund any personal or professional endeavor. The “product” of this program is a “Free Benefit Package” so it is universally appealing, and the means of distribution is 100% digital delivery by our ever-growing community of purpose-driven people, so it is easy to provide free benefits to others by any type of smartphone or online dissemination.

Repeat Until You Have a Strong Team

On the receiving end, many people will eagerly accept their free benefits and use the instructions herein to give away free benefit packages to others. However, it may not be the right time for some people, and that’s ok. They may accept their free benefits at a later date, but the objective is to give everyone a chance at bettering their lives now. Just keep giving away free benefit packages via email, texts, social networks, blogs, websites, YouTube accounts, and any other means of digital delivery until you have a strong personal team of 5 to 10 members that also give away free benefit packages and duplicate your efforts.

“The Key to Success is Taking Action When Opportunity Arises


It is important to continue reading and watching the videos until the end of this page to fully learn and understand the full value of and “how to” maximize the use of your new free benefit package. It is also important to fully consume the written and video content that we provide to via your email inbox. Our system is designed to give you complete instructions to quickly and easily get set-up with your own Free Benefit Package Give Away System and then deliver the life-changing content that can affect all areas of your life in a positive and profound way. Here are some of the topics covered below and also in your free 12 Month Success Course subscription.


*  Free 12 Month Success Course Subscription and Details

*  Free Benefit Package Valued at Over $5,000 Including

*  Free Productivity and Time Saving Tools and Resources

*  Free Content Curation and Creation Tools and Resources

*  Free Content Distribution and Syndication Tools and Resources

*  Free “Must Have” Software Delivered to Your Inbox Monthly

*  Free Personal and Professional Success Training and Resources

*  Free Monetization Platform Details, Videos, and how to Fund Your Endeavors

*  Global Philanthropy Initiative

*  Free Health Care Savings Benefit Package USA

*  Much More!

A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Finger Tips

Over the next 12 months and beyond, you will receive invaluable information on the following vitally important topics that can radically change your life for the better:


Health, Spirituality, Personal and Professional Growth, Revolutionary Blog and Video Monetization Systems, Natural Healing Remedies that Have Proven to Work, Natural Disease Prevention and Reversal Resources, Free Education Resources, Family Rearing Tips and Guides, Product Reviews of Life-Enhancing Products and Services, Advanced Entrepreneur Resources, Business and Marketing Tools and Strategies, Continuous Quality Improvement in Government and in Business, Stress Relief Resources, Gaining Control Over Your Key Bodily Factors that Result in Improved Mental and Physical Health, The Latest Science-Based Fitness and Nutrition Tips, Free Social Networking Tools and Strategies, Technology Reviews of the Best Free Time-Saving and Productivity Products and Services, The Best Free Computer Programs and Smartphone Apps, Advanced Investing and Insurance Concepts, Work from Anywhere Tools and Guides, Productivity Hacks and Tools, How-To Guides to Easily Complete Projects, Money-Saving Guides and Resources, The “Plaketo” Healthy Lifestyle and Daily Eating Guides, Perfecting Your Daily Routine to Produce Maximum Results, How to Take An Active or Passive Role in the Global Philanthropy Initiative, Discerning Your True Calling, Living a Purpose-Filled Life, Fulfilling Your True Destiny, Awesome Inventions that You Should Know About, Important True History and Real Science Facts, Fact-Based News Reporting and Commentary, and much more!

Free Health Care Savings Benefit Package

As you give away free benefit packages, you are also giving away access to free health care savings benefits. Everyone loves this because of the satisfaction in knowing that a portion of proceeds also supports the Global Philanthropy Initiative to help many people in need. Here are some of the incredible benefits provided in this package available in the USA:


  • Free Medical, Dental and Hearing Benefits for Low-Income Households
  • Free Discount Medical Benefit Plans for All Households
  • Free Discount Prescription Drug Program and Best Price Tool
  • Free Health Insurance Comparison Tool to Potentially Lower Premiums
  • Free “No-Agent” Quote and Apply Online Life and Health Insurance Tools (Want to buy insurance but don’t want to talk to an agent? Great, try the revolutionary self-service online option where you use the professional shop, compare, and apply platforms to get your own life or health insurance quickly and easily.)
  • Free Life Insurance Consultation by Phone (100% Free – Licensed Expert Will Shop to Find the Right Low-Cost Plan for Your Needs and Help You Apply Right Over the Phone While You Relax and Take It Easy. Low-Cost Term Life Insurance, Low-Cost Permanent GUL, Final Expense, Non-Medical Exam, “Living Benefits”, Critical Illness, Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, Indexed Guaranteed No Loss of Principal Plans and Much More)
  • Free Health and Medicare Insurance Consultation by Phone (100% Free – Licensed Expert Will Shop to Find the Right Low-Cost Plan for Your Needs and Help You Apply Right Over the Phone While You Relax and Take It Easy. Low-Cost Health Insurance, Low-Cost Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans, Low-Cost Short-Term Health Insurance Plans, Low-Cost Christian Health Sharing Plans, and Much More)


A Plethora of Incredible Health, Dental, and Hearing Benefits: With this Free Health Care Savings Benefits Package, everyone has a one-stop-shop for free and low-cost health, dental, vision, and other medical benefits. Some are income-dependent but most are available regardless of income level.


Helping Solve Problems of the Underinsured and Uninsured: We are on a mission to fix the problem where most people are either underinsured or uninsured. This situation results in financial hardship for families and individuals when unfortunate incidents occur and they have no or inadequate insurance. Take advantage of the free education to learn how new modern Life Insurance plans with vitally important benefits such as Living Benefits, Accelerated Benefits, etc., render older plans obsolete. You’ll enjoy learning how these new policies are a key component of your overall health care plan.  Quite often many people put off checking on health concerns or looking for assistance due to feelings of being overwhelmed and confused with information overload. Others simply don’t know where to start. This incredible free health care savings benefits package addresses these problems and ends procrastination.

“Give Much to Receive Much

Secure Your Free Health Care Savings Benefits Now!

Click the link below, secure your free Health Care Savings Benefits therein, and bookmark the page in your favorites for future reference to take advantage of free annual checkups.

Give Away Free Benefit Packages Now!

Now that you have completed all of the steps to set up your Free Benefit Package Give Away System, secured your free monetization accounts, and subscribed to receive your Free 12 Month Success Course, it’s time for you to take action now and start giving away free benefit packages to others. As previously stated, simply use various digital means to give away our irresistible free benefit packages to your fans, followers, listeners, viewers, readers, acquaintances, industry associates, career colleagues, family and friends, etc., and when they get their free accounts, they will be tied to you for life. Those you invite will do the same and so on.


Invite Others by Giving Them Free Benefits: In order to give away free benefit packages to your invitees, simply copy your invitation message from your word processing document named “Free Benefit Package Giveaway” that you saved to your hard drive in Step 1.C. above and paste it into an email as a complete self-contained packaged communication. It is a great way to get your full message out to your invitees in one step. So, email is a perfect method to give away free benefit packages.


How to Create a Link to Your Invite Message: You may want to create a page online containing your Free Benefit Package Giveaway so you can send some of your connections a “web link” via text message, social media direct message, Twitter, or other means of short digital messages. You have several options. If you already own a website or blog, then simply copy your invitation message from your word processing document named “Free Benefit Package Giveaway” that you saved to your hard drive in Step 1.C. above, paste it into a blog page or website page, then share freely.


Create Social Network Post Links: If you don’t have a blog or website and your social network accounts are your sole means of internet presence, create a post containing your invitation message in your social network account. Copy the link to the social network post that you create. You typically get the link to your post by right mouse clicking over the Date/Time stamp of your post and copying the underlying link. This is your link to your invitation social network post to share with others. To test your link, follow the preceding instructions and open a new tab in your web browser, paste your link in the address bar, then click enter on your keyboard. See how your post looks as a stand-alone page.


Keep Track of Your Web Links: It is recommended that you copy all of your invitation website and/or article page and/or social network post links containing your Free Benefit Package Giveaway message and paste the links to your 10X Tracker document that you saved to your hard drive in Step 1.B above, so all of your important links will be on one document for easy reference.


Maximize Use of Your Social Networks, Emails, and Phone Contacts: It is said that we are the average of the top 5 to 10 people in which we allow to be part of our lives; consequently, it is vitally important for all of us to always associate with positive and motivated individuals. Use your phone contact list and the organic search function in your social network and email accounts to find like-minded individuals that you would like to have as partners.


Subject Line: Email – Text - DM: The first 7 words of an email subject line, text message, or social network Direct Message (DM) are of utmost importance because typically only 7 words or less are seen in the short displayed area that is typically only 33 to 43 characters on a smart phone, email inbox listing, or social network direct message notification area. Consequently, it is important to capture the attention of the recipient with only 7 words or less, so choose wisely. Experiment and keep track of your responses to see what works for you for specific types of recipients (aka “Target Market”), then repeat what works the best for each category of invitation. Here are some ideas on the words to use…

How Can I Sponsor Your Channel?

How Can I Sponsor Your Blog?

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Help Give Away Free Benefits

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Did You Get This Yet?

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Did You Get Your Free Benefits?

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Did You Get My Gift?


These are simple suggestions to help you as a mind-jogger exercise. You can use the exact wording or tweak to the tastes and interests of the individuals that you contact.


Stop Worrying About What Other People Will Think and Just Do It: All successful people in the world only accomplished their greatest achievements after they made the decision to STOP fearing what other people will think about their steps taken to attain their goals. They stay focused, don’t allow themselves to get distracted or side tracked, and they work their plan until they attain success. You are at the exact right time in your life and you now have the best free system to gain your personal and professional freedom by likewise ending any fear of what other people may think about you pursuing your purpose and calling. Instead, allow yourself to be totally driven to achieve your goals, dreams and desires. So, make the commitment to act now and let’s continue.


Let the Automated 10X System Work for You: The 10X System does the majority of the work for you. Simply use this easy and proven system to give away free benefit packages to your top contacts. Keep doing so until you have at least 7 to 10 strong partners working directly with you that are duplicating your efforts. Everyone has this same goal to build a purpose driven network. You will be excited to unite with and help build a community of world-changers that have a fervent desire to make a huge impact for their chosen cause. Soon you can have a vibrant Social Commerce Advocacy Community built where everyone is dedicated to working on their higher calling, becoming well-funded, and enjoying exciting free benefits all along the way.


7-Day Surge ** 30-Day Challenge ** 12-Month Growth Plan: As you know, it is imperative to take immediate action to jump start your new success program, so ensure to undertake a 7-day surge where you give as many free benefit packages away as possible each day during your first week (20-25 per day for 7 days). This is your “start-up surge” and is designed to catch the right people at the right time that are looking for this exact type of full package to take their current endeavors to the highest levels. For the next 30 days continue giving free benefit packages away to motivated and positive high-achievers daily. For the next 12 months keep up your diligent work and follow the guidance given in your free 12 Month Success Course subscription.


Partner with Positive People: Who do you know that is driven to make a difference in the world and has a strong sense of their purpose for living? All the go-getters that you know or follow you on social media are perfect potential invitees in which to give free benefit packages. Just remember that it may not be the right time for everyone, so you may need to invite a good number of individuals to get one “good” partner that is ready to take action on their calling now. However, every new partnership could result in unprecedented growth for you and your cause, them and their causes, plus residual monthly income for the households of everyone that chooses to participate.


Grow Your 10X Team: Just keep giving away free benefit packages and let numbers work on your behalf until you have a at least 7-10 personally referred partners that actively work our 10X Automated System. Others that you invite now but feel too busy at the moment may later find the time is right for them and join you several months down the road and accept your invitation to receive a free benefit package. The bottom line is to never give up and keep pursuing your goal of building a vibrant, well-funded and well-organized advocacy network.


Follow-up Via Different Means with Your Top “Candidates”: You are encouraged to additionally follow-up with your most promising invitees using email, text, call, or direct message via the social network that you used to invite those that you really want to be your partners. Your objective is to ensure they read the message you sent them and encourage them to take action on securing their own free benefit package. All members use this easy 2-step “Join, then Give Away” system to invite the individuals that they prefer to be part of their personal advocacy community.


It Is Time to Fulfill Your Calling: We are all called to do something special with our lives. You now have access to free residual monetization resources to fund your unique purpose, and also passively fund your favorite advocacy or worthy cause, all while financially supporting you, your family, and your personal/professional endeavors. You will also discover new free multi-media sharing platforms and free proprietary strategies that will help you to broadcast and syndicate your content to ever-growing audiences. This truly is a world-changing opportunity for you to achieve your goals and fulfill your calling that you’ve always felt driven to pursue. Keep reading to learn about the exciting details of the…

Global Philanthropy Initiative

You will also gain access to the Global Philanthropy Initiative that is designed to passively fund and support faith-based and charitable entities that help people in need. Most individuals across the globe say they feel like they should be doing more with their lives to make a difference to help others; consequently, we now give everyone ample opportunities to take an active or passive role in supporting worthy causes of all types. All of our members are asked to optionally donate 10% of their newfound income earned from our free monetization portals below to worthy causes of their choice. Here are just a few of the worthy causes that are supported when members utilize this incredible Free 10X Monetization System


  • Feed the Hungry
  • Provide Clean Water to the Thirsty
  • Provide Shelter and Needed Resources to the Poor
  • Care for Widows and Orphans
  • Care for Those with Injuries and Illnesses
  • Care for Those with Mental or Physical Challenges
  • Care for Wounded Warriors and Injured First Responders
  • Minister to Prisoners
  • Help After Natural Disasters
  • Fund and Grow Charities of All Types
  • Fund and Grow Faith-Based Programs
  • Fund and Grow Volunteer Networks of “Giving Ministries”
  • Fund and Grow Our Members’ Worthy Causes and Advocacies
  • Fund and Grow the Best Values Global Philanthropy Network

“Supporting a Higher Purpose Brings True Life Fulfillment!”

Help Reduce Lifestyle Related Diseases!

We also have a mission to reduce lifestyle-related diseases by 50% over the next 5 years and 90% over the next 10 Years. By giving away free benefit packages as detailed herein, you automatically become a “Health Ambassador” that can help us to meet our goal. Simply give away free benefit packages using the instructions in this message so an ever-increasing number of people will receive our Free 12 Month Success Course. Then, everyone will obtain cutting-edge information and resources on all areas of importance that we all need.


The Gift of Better Health: The “Health Section” alone provides the latest science-based discoveries and anecdotal “experience-based” evidence from large numbers of real people regarding all-natural, holistic, health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle solutions that, in conjunction with personal physician guidance, may potentially help prevent, reduce the severity of, and possibly even reverse serious diseases like diabetes, cancer risks, heart disease, and other lifestyle-related diseases.


Let Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Be Thy Medicine: The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, was born 460 BC and he said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We agree, so we broke through the mass confusion of disjointed health and wellbeing information in print and online to provide our members the “best of the best” discoveries in all areas of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle and we present it all in an easy-to-implement plan that everyone can enjoy for optimal health.


Additional Health Support: In addition to potentially experiencing superior health and fitness, using the latest scientific evidence and by coordinating with our personal doctors, our members discover new natural methods that may ease problems associated with other common afflictions such as seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other pain-related issues, and many other types of diseases and infirmities.


You’ll Love It! Members LOVE our “Health Section” so much that, for many, it becomes their main reason to give away free benefit packages to others just so they can help as many people as possible to get better and feel great. They consider the plethora of other free benefits to be “icing on the cake” in their new personal and professional makeover journeys.


Be More Youthful and Healthier Your Entire Life? You’ll discover the latest science-based anti-aging resources and lifestyle makeovers that may help you to enjoy a more youthful and healthier lifespan. You will love learning the latest science, medical and natural nutritional facts so you can utilize the key cellular-level factors that help many people to look and feel 20 or even 30 years younger. Together, we are the “Positive Change Agent Army” that can help improve the standard of living and quality of life for the people of our great nation and even the world.


Optimum Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Loved Ones! Wouldn’t you like to incorporate these important health factors into your own life? Wouldn’t you like to share these new discoveries with your loved ones so that we all may be able to live healthier lives and age gracefully?


We Are the Solution! Lifestyle-related diseases cause major physical, medical, financial, psychological, and emotional problems for tens of millions of individuals and households across our nation. These largely preventable afflictions also contribute to high medical and insurance costs. Governmental and private charitable social programs are strained and are on unsustainable cost overrun projections. The primary concern of any “national health care system” MUST BE “prevention” and now we can all be the “catalysts” to deliver this new “Science-Based Healthy Lifestyle” health care revolution to the general population.

“Bringing Others to Great Health Brings Great Joy to All!”

Recap: Purchase for a Purpose Program

Whether you choose to be a “Customer” and just enjoy the cash back, discounts, and other benefits, or if you choose to “Partner” with our “advocacy community” to help give away Free Benefit Packages, everyone enjoys the satisfaction in knowing that every single purchase for their daily needs from these free revenue-sharing portals help to fund our members’ personal advocacies and worthy causes, the Global Philanthropy Initiative worthy causes, the Health Ambassador Lifestyle Disease Prevention Revolution, and many other advocacies and charitable initiatives that you’ll discover once you get your free subscription further below. Please continue reading to the end of this important message and follow the easy instructions herein to ensure that you understand and fully utilize all of your free monetization portal benefits.

“Together, We Will Bring Exciting Free Benefits to Everyone!”


Please bookmark this page to your favorites and refer to it frequently as you progress on your success journey. Keep an eye on your email inbox for all of our content. After you fully consume and put to use the incredible tools, resources, and proprietary strategies in the emails we send you, it is recommended that you create an email folder for “” to permanently store each valuable message for later recall.

Ensure to “whitelist” our email address Your-Benefits @ [added spaces to prevent robot spamming] so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder. Then, you can enjoy every fresh new message that is designed to help you excel in every aspect of your personal and professional lives. Share the link to this page to your primary email address and also store it in your folder so you have quick access there also.

Welcome to and Thank You!

Welcome to our ever-growing community of world-changers! We truly hope that you will fully utilize your free benefits so you can enjoy a potentially healthier and wealthier lifestyle, grow a vibrant Social Commerce Advocacy Community for your special worthy cause, and maximize your true purpose for living while assisting others to do the same. We look forward to being there with you on your success journey and helping you to be your best both personally and professionally. It’s time to “Take Action NOW” on your calling!


Important Legal Notice: Use this fun, free, and exciting system as directed within this message and associated websites and/or other digital, written, video and audio instructions provided by This is a proprietary system. No copying of ideas, strategies, systems, or plans is allowed for use with other businesses or opportunities. No other affiliate, direct marketing, or other types of business offer that is not represented in this system may be used to create duplicate or similar business structures, systems, websites, web pages, letter campaigns, plans, programs, or strategies. All users must ensure to include this Legal Notice in their message when copying and pasting it into emails, web pages, etc., The management designed this proprietary program to truly help everyone that is introduced to this exceptional plan and help grow and fund the Global Philanthropy Initiative to help others in need. Simply use what is in this exclusive system the way this system is presented by the and enjoy the tremendous potential offered herein.


Income Disclaimer: No legal, tax, business, financial or any other type of advice or claims of any kind are made herein, and no income or success claims, guarantees, or promises of any kind are implied. This content is provided for information purposes only. Consider consulting with business, legal, tax, and other professionals before undertaking new endeavors of any kind. Results will vary.


Medical Disclaimer: Concerning the health, fitness, and nutrition information provided in this message, on our website or associated social network accounts, written, video, audio, or other types of content anywhere in our entire ecosystem, no statements have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration or government health agencies from other countries. No health, nutrition, or medical claims of any kind are made and nothing presented herein is intended to diagnose, treat, reverse, cure, or prevent illnesses or diseases of any kind. All content presented herein is for educational and informational purposes only. Always consult with your medical doctor before undertaking any type of health, fitness, nutrition, diet, or lifestyle change of any kind and be sure to include discussion regarding any nutritional supplements or herbs that you take, medication or prescription drugs you may be taking, intended eating plan or fitness plan changes, potential of being pregnant, or any other known or suspected medical or health issues that you may have.





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